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ABV: 5.4% | IBUS: 14 | SRM: N/A What the brewer says

“Am­ber-ma­hogany col­ored wheat beer. Nu­ances of ripe ba­nanas, clove, nut­meg, and nuts cre­ate the aroma. A full-bod­ied and sparkling beer with a har­mo­nious fin­ish.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Hints of wheat crust, wheat bread, mild caramel, dark malt, and caramel sugar. Light rub­ber phe­no­lics, and vinyl, with some clove. Ba­nana and other fruit es­ters of sour cherry, raisin, and date. A touch of barn­yard, as well as light burnt marsh­mal­low and a touch of al­co­hol that emerge as it warms.” Fla­vor: “Tart and spicy wheat, with dark and melanoidin malts, caramel chews, and toast. A pleas­ant hit of clove that works so well with the raisin, jack­fruit, and mild ba­nana. Sub­tle burnt sugar, along with a hint of pop­corn and minty hops. The car­bon­a­tion is prickly, and it fin­ishes crisp and dry.” Over­all: “This is darker than other hefeweizens, with the caramel and burnt raisin—it leans more to­ward a dunkel. It has a touch of burnt fla­vors and light ba­nana, with low hops spici­ness, but a lit­tle bit of clove right be­fore the caramel af­ter­taste.”

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