Sweet­wa­ter IPA

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ABV: 6.3% | IBUS: N/A | SRM: N/A

What the brewer says

“Loaded with in­tense hops char­ac­ter and sub­jected to an ex­ten­sive dry-hopping process. Our IPA is un­fil­tered, leav­ing all the nat­u­ral fla­vors in­tact. The Beer You’ve Been Train­ing For.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Big or­ange with a touch of pine and mint in the back­ground. Some grape­fruit and le­mon on the sec­ond whiff. Some sweet­ness hits in the back. Big com­plex hops aroma: white grape, melon, a bit of le­mon, a bit of iris, white pep­per, and thyme. A bit of bready malt in the back­ground.” Fla­vor: “Great hops pre­sen­ta­tion with­out be­ing heavy handed. Malt sup­ports with­out be­ing sweet. Hops pro­file is a tasty blend of or­ange and pine with a sim­ple malt back­bone be­neath. The or­ange has some sweet­ness with or­ange peel bit­ter­ness. Light hops fla­vor reprises the flo­ral aroma and adds some citrus. Well balanced for the style.” Over­all: “The or­ange fla­vor is nice, and the bit­ter­ness works well with the hops com­plex­ity. Re­fresh­ing. Right down the pipe for West Coast. This one has the pint-af­ter-pint bonus for me.”

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