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Are you new to brewing, or do you want to im­prove your brewing skills? Cra Beer & Brewing’s on­line learn­ing plat­form can help you be­come a bet­ter brewer, one video les­son at a time. 29 classes, led by CB&B sta , con­trib­u­tors, and brew­ers from renowned brew­eries, are now avail­able for pur­chase, ei­ther as in­di­vid­ual classes or through a low monthly sub­scrip­tion price that gives you ac­cess to all classes plus a new class ev­ery month:

How to Brew Great New Eng­land–style IPAS Co ee & Beer: From Roast­ing to Brewing In­tro­duc­tory Ex­tract Brewing In­tro­duc­tory All-grain & Par­tial-mash Brewing Basics of Yeast Prop­a­ga­tion Keg­ging Your Beer Adding Fla­vors to Beer Tem­per­a­ture Con­trol for Lager­ing Home Dra Sys­tem Setup Brewing Wa­ter Wood Ag­ing Your Beer Quick Sour­ing Meth­ods Ad­vanced Pack­ag­ing Meth­ods Make the Most of Your Ex­tract Kit Fun­da­men­tals of Malt Ad­vanced All-grain Meth­ods Ad­vanced Yeast Man­age­ment Hot Rod Your Ket­tles and Mash Tun How to Build Your Elec­tric Brew­ery, 1 & 2 How to Make Great Mead Fun­da­men­tals of Open­ing a Brew­ery Hops: How to Best Use the Spice of Beer In­tro­duc­tion to Eval­u­at­ing Beer Trou­bleshoot­ing Your Beer Recipe De­vel­op­ment From Start-to-fin­ish

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