Burial Beer Skull­saw Porter

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LOC: Asheville, North Carolina ABV: 6% | IBUS: 40 | SRM: N/A

What the brewer says

“For each sin­gle brew, nearly 1,000 pounds of sweet pota­toes, from our own home state, present a ro­bust mouth­feel and sub­tle fla­vor, spice free, that lends to the drink­a­bil­ity of our beloved porter.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Com­bi­na­tion of sweet fruity es­ters and tea-like her­bal char­ac­ter with darker malt in there be­hind the cherry and cranberry. Floral and earthy, rem­i­nis­cent of fresh-cut roses.” Fla­vor: “The beer brings some cherry and cranberry with a light dose of choco­late and caramelized su­gar. Floral, hints of rose and green tea. The sweet-potato char­ac­ter is cer­tainly strange but adds nice com­plex­ity and ac­cen­tu­ates the malt sweet­ness. Could use more roast or bit­ter­ness to blanace on the fin­ish.” Over­all: “Unique. The sweet-potato char­ac­ter is re­ally well done, though it’s cer­tainly a strange char­ac­ter in a beer. It pro­vides a per­sis­tent earthy and floral char­ac­ter through­out.”

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