Creative Knitting - Graceful Lace SIP 2019 : 2019-04-01



Magic Loop Method Working Short Rows short rows are completed. If you are working past the turning point of the previous short row before wrapping and turning again, you will need to work the wrap and wrapped stitch together as you come to it. Use the following method to work wrap and stitch together. On knit side, insert tip of right needle into wrap, then into stitch and knit them together. On purl side, insert tip of right needle into wrap from right side, lift it onto left needle, then purl stitch and wrap together. Use a circular needle at least 30 inches in length. Stitches are knit from one end of the needle to the other end while maintainin­g a loop of cable between one half of the stitches and the other half. When half the stitches are knit, turn work and complete the round on other half. *Work to indicated turning point, slip next st pwise to RH needle. Bring yarn to RS of work between needles, then slip same st back to LH needle. Bring yarn to WS, wrapping st. Turn, leaving rem sts unworked, then beg working back in the other direction. Repeat from * until short rows are completed. If you are turning before you come to the wrapped stitch of the previous short row, you will work wraps and wrapped stitches together when the Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 I-Cord Using 2 double- pointed needles, cast on ( backward loop method) number of stitches indicated. Knit, do not turn. Slide stitches back to end of needle, knit stitches. Repeat to desired length. Thread yarn through stitches to end. Figure 5 Figure 6 112 Graceful Lace APRIL 2019 FIND US @ www. facebook. com/ CreativeKn­ittingMaga­zine

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