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Jen Lucas— Shawl Queen Corrina Ferguson By I jokingly call Jen Lucas the “Shawl Queen.” I should probably knit her a crown. But really, this prolific knitting and crochet designer—whom I am also incredibly blessed to call my friend—is just full of all the shawl magic. I remember the very first book of fingering-weight knitted shawls I ever saw—it was of course Jen Lucas’s All hail the queen! Jen started knitting in 2004, but she didn’t get bitten by the designing bug until 2008. Since then, she’s been more than just a little bit busy. She has published over 250 designs and nearly 150 of them are—you guessed it—shawls! She has published 6 knitting books and every single one of them includes shawls—some are only shawls. See what I mean about being the Shawl Queen? Her newest book is and Jen will tell you over and over again that it is her favorite book that she has written so far. I love people who so enjoy bringing their passions to life. It was her successful book career that led her to leave her “day job” and make Jen Lucas Designs her full- time gig in 2014. Now she designs for books, magazines and her own personal design line, plus she gets to travel all over the country teaching classes in local yarn stores. Sock-Yarn Shawls. Jen Lucas Because my job as a magazine editor is pretty much the best, I got the inside scoop from Jen on her career and designs. Can’t beat getting to interview and sing the praises of such a talented designer and lovely person! Top-Down Shawls, Q: What was your career like before the yarn life swallowed you up?  Before I worked for Jen Lucas Designs full time, I spent over a decade working in a laboratory. The majority of that time was working in a municipal wastewater lab—a real dirty job. I loved math and science as a kid, so pursuing a degree in chemistry was a good fit for me. I really enjoyed my time working in the lab, and I do still miss it occasional­ly, but nothing beats having a job where I can work with yarn all day. Plus, this job is a lot less dirty. A: Q: A: What was the very first thing you designed?   An iPod Nano cozy. The pattern is still available for free on Ravelry, although I’m not sure anyone has an iPod Nano anymore. Q: A: What is your favorite yarn?   This is an impossible question. Is all of it an appropriat­e answer? I do tend to go for merino wool yarns, and it doesn’t hurt if there’s a touch of cashmere in it. Q: A: What are your favorite needles? I have been a longtime fan of Knitter’s Pride needles. Their Zing needles are my favorite of all time. I am quickly building up my stash of those needles. I think they work great for every project! 84 Graceful Lace APRIL 2019 FIND US @ www. facebook. com/ CreativeKn­ittingMaga­zine

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