Creative Knitting - Graceful Lace SIP 2019 : 2019-04-01



Q: What is your favorite local yarn store?   Another hard question. One great part of my job is that I get to go around the country and teach at local yarn stores. There are lots of yarn stores that I love both near and far. Last year I taught at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Mich. It was seriously the cutest shop I have ever seen, and the yarn selection was perfectly curated. A: Q: A: What is your favorite thing to teach?   I love teaching my Design Your Own Sock-Yarn Shawl class so much. It’s that “lightbulb” moment that each student finds in each class that I live for. It’s awesome to see people come into class unsure if they can tackle designing a shawl and walking out with a shawl started and so many ideas for future shawls swirling in their heads! Q: What is the very best thing about being a knitter/knit designer?   Being a part of an amazing community is absolutely the best part of being a knitter and knit designer. I’m inspired by my friends and colleagues every day. A: n 85 CreativeKn­ittingMaga­zine. com FOLLOW US @ CreativeKn­ittingMaga­zine. com/ blog APRIL 2019

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