Mary Jane Slip­pers

Slip on in­stant com­fort for those tired, achy feet.

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De­sign by Amy Niezur


14 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches/10cm

in garter st with larger nee­dles. To save time, take time to

check gauge.

Spe­cial Tech­nique

Wrap and Turn (W/T): Work to st in­di­cated, bring yarn be­tween nee­dles to front of work, slip next st to RH nee­dle, take yarn to back, slip wrapped st back to LH nee­dle, turn.

Pat­tern Notes

Two dou­ble-point nee­dles are used to work back and forth in rows on the smaller num­ber of stitches used for the heel, foot and toes of these slip­pers. Top edge is worked in rounds with

the set of dou­ble-point nee­dles.


With larger nee­dles, cast on 13 sts. Heel Work garter st short-row heel as

fol­lows: Rows 1 (RS) and 2: Knit to last st, W/T. Note: Mark Row 1 as RS. Rows 3 and 4: Knit to last 2 sts, W/T. Rows 5 and 6: Knit to last 3 sts, W/T. Rows 7 and 8: Knit to last 4 sts, W/T. Note: There are now 4 wrapped sts at each end of row and 5 un­wrapped sts in the cen­ter. Rows 9 and 10: Knit to first wrapped st (4th stitch from end of row), knit this st, turn. Rows 11 and 12: Knit to next

wrapped st, knit this st, turn. Con­tinue un­til all wrapped sts have

been worked. Foot Work even un­til piece mea­sures

7 (8, 9) inches. Note: Mea­sure length in cen­ter of row. Toe Work same as heel un­til all wrapped

sts have been worked. Bind off. Top Edge Beg at cen­ter back heel with smaller nee­dles, pick up and knit 65 (71, 77) sts. Di­vide on nee­dles. Pm and join to work in rnds. Rnd 1: Purl, dec 3 sts across top of

toe—62 (68, 74) sts. Rnd 2: Knit. Rnd 3: Purl. Bind off kwise.


Strap Mark de­sired lo­ca­tion of strap along side of top edge. With smaller nee­dles, pick up and knit 3 sts at marker along side edge of slip­per. Work in garter st, slip­ping the first st of each row pwise, un­til strap mea­sures 31/2 inches. Next row (but­ton­hole): K2­tog, yo, k1. Knit 1 row. Bind off. Work strap for 2nd slip­per to

mir­ror first. Sew but­ton op­po­site but­ton­hole. Weave in ends.

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