Lacy Caf­tan Top

Em­bel­lished with del­i­cate leaf mo­tifs on the shoul­ders, this ca­sual, breezy top drapes beau­ti­fully with elon­gated garter stitch.

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De­sign by Che Lam


Woman’s small/medium (large/X-large) In­struc­tions are given for smaller size, with larger size in paren­the­ses. When only 1 num­ber is given, it ap­plies to both sizes.

Fin­ished Mea­sure­ments

Chest: Ap­prox 51 (57) inches Length: Ap­prox 203/4 (213/4) inches Note: Top is un­seamed and is in­tended to

be very loose fit­ting.


• Omega Eu­lali (fin­ger­ing weight; 100% cot­ton; 394 yds/100g per skein): 3 skeins steel #94 • Size 4 (3.5mm) dou­ble

point nee­dles (set of 2) • Size 6 (4mm) 16-inch cir­cu­lar nee­dle or size needed to ob­tain gauge • Lock­ing stitch mark­ers


21 sts and 29 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St st with larger nee­dle (blocked). To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tion

Dou­ble yarn over (2yo): Wrap yarn twice around nee­dle; on fol­low­ing row, work (k1, p1) into 2yo.

Pat­tern Stitches

Eyelet Panel (4-st panel) Note: A chart is pro­vided for those pre­fer­ring to work Eyelet Panel pat st from a chart. Row 1 (RS): K2­tog, 2yo, ssk. Row 2: P1, (k1, p1) in 2yo, p1. Row 3: K4. Row 4: P4. Rep Rows 1–4 for pat. Leaf Panel (25-st panel) Note: A chart is pro­vided for those pre­fer­ring to work Leaf Panel pat st from a chart. Row 1 (RS): P9, k3, p1, k3, p9. Row 2 (WS): K9, p3, k1, p3, k9. Row 3: P7, k3­tog, [yo, k1] twice, p1,

[k1, yo] twice, sk2p, p7. Row 4: K7, p5, k1, p5, k7. Row 5: P5, k3­tog, [k1, yo] twice, k2,

p1, k2, [yo, k1] twice, sk2p, p5. Row 6: K5, p7, k1, p7, k5. Row 7: P3, k3­tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k3, p1,

k3, yo, k1, yo, k2, sk2p, p3. Row 8: K3, p9, k1, p9, k3. Row 9: P1, k3­tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k4, p1,

k4, yo, k1, yo, k3, sk2p, p1. Row 10: [K1, p11] twice, k1. Row 11: [P1, yo, ssk, k7, k2­tog, yo]

twice, p1. Row 12: K2, p9, k3, p9, k2. Row 13: P2, yo, ssk, k5, k2­tog, yo, p3,

yo, ssk, k5, k2­tog, yo, p2. Row 14: K3, p7, k5, p7, k3. Row 15: P3, yo, ssk, k3, k2­tog, yo, p5,

yo, ssk, k3, k2­tog, yo, p3. Row 16: K4, p5, k7, p5, k4. Row 17: P4, yo, ssk, k1, k2­tog, yo, p7,

yo, ssk, k1, k2­tog, yo, p4. Row 18: K5, p3, k9, p3, k5. Row 19: P5, yo, sk2p, yo, p9, yo, sk2p,

yo, p5. Row 20: Knit. Rep Rows 1–20 for pat.

Elon­gated Garter St (any num­ber

of sts) Row 1 (RS): Wrap­ping yarn twice around nee­dle for each st, knit to end. Row 2: Drop­ping ex­tra loop on ev­ery

st, knit to end. Rows 3 and 4: Knit. Rep Rows 1–4 for pat.

Pat­tern Notes

Front and back are worked flat separately and joined by shoul­der straps. Front and back are worked iden­ti­cally as fol­lows: the shoul­der panel is worked side­ways, then stitches are picked up and the piece is worked down to the bot­tom.


Shoul­der Band With larger cir­cu­lar nee­dle, loosely

cast on 37 sts; do not join. Set-up row (WS): K2 (edge sts), pm, p4, pm, k9, p3, k1, p3, k9, pm, p4, pm, k2 (edge sts). Row 1 (RS): K2 (edge sts); work Eyelet Panel, work Leaf Panel; work Eyelet Panel, k2 (edge sts). Main­tain­ing edge sts in garter st through­out, work even un­til 20-row Leaf Panel has been worked 9 (10) times. Loosely bind off across, leav­ing last st on RH nee­dle with­out fas­ten­ing off; do not cut yarn.

Body With RS of band fac­ing, turn piece clock­wise so that the left side of band is on top. Pick up and knit 110 (122) sts across at a rate of ap­prox 6 sts ev­ery 10 rows as fol­lows: *1 st [ev­ery 2 rows] 4 times, 1 st in next 2 rows; rep from * across. Count sts and ad­just as nec­es­sary on next row. Knit 1 row. Row 1 (RS): K1 (edge st); work Elon­gated Garter St to last st; k1 (edge st).

Main­tain­ing edge sts in garter st, work all other sts in Elon­gated Garter St un­til body mea­sures ap­prox 141/2 (151/2) inches, end­ing with Row 4. Note: Stretch the fab­ric out slightly when mea­sur­ing to bet­ter ap­prox­i­mate the fin­ished blocked length. Loosely bind off across, leav­ing last st on RH nee­dle with­out fas­ten­ing off; do not cut yarn.

Edg­ings With RS fac­ing, turn piece clock­wise. Pick up and knit evenly across side edge at a rate of 3 sts for ev­ery 4 rows across Elon­gated Garter St fab­ric and 1 st in ev­ery shoul­der band st. Knit 3 rows. Loosely bind off all sts; cut yarn and

fas­ten off. Fas­ten off. Rep on other side.


Work same as for back.


Weave in ends. Block to mea­sure­ments.

Shoul­der Straps With RS fac­ing, place 6 lock­ing mark­ers along top edge of back shoul­der band as shown in Fig­ure 1. Us­ing dpn, pick up and knit 3 sts at first marker. Work I-cord (see page 110) ap­prox 11 inches long. Bind off. Work 5 more I-cords at rem marked

po­si­tions. Work 6 I-cord on front shoul­der band

as for back. Tie cor­re­spond­ing straps on back and

front to­gether. Mark po­si­tions on each side of front and back ap­prox 2 inches be­low shoul­der band. Join front and back with a few small sts, leav­ing arm­hole open and rest of body un­seamed.

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