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Hold­ing 2 dou­ble-point (or cir­cu­lar) nee­dles par­al­lel with tips pointed in same di­rec­tion, start­ing with yarn be­tween nee­dles and leav­ing a 6-inch tail (shown in darker blue through­out), wrap yarn al­ter­nately around each nee­dle form­ing a fig­ure eight as fol­lows: With yarn in front, *take yarn up be­tween the 2 nee­dle tips to the back; take yarn be­hind and over top nee­dle and then back be­tween the 2 nee­dles; take yarn in front of bot­tom nee­dle, then back up be­tween the 2 nee­dles; re­peat from *, end­ing with yarn be­tween nee­dles af­ter wrap­ping it around bot­tom nee­dle.

Us­ing a 3rd dou­ble-point nee­dle (or op­po­site tip of top cir­cu­lar nee­dle if us­ing 2 cir­cu­lar nee­dles) and work­ing yarn end (shown in lighter blue through­out), knit across the loops on the top nee­dle.

Slide the stitches to the other end of the nee­dles and ro­tate the nee­dles so that the bot­tom nee­dle is now on the top with the work­ing yarn at the right. Knit across the loops on the nee­dle that is now on top, work­ing through the back loops so that the stitches aren't twisted.

This shows stitches on nee­dles af­ter first 2 rows are com­plete; there is the same num­ber of stitches on top and bot­tom nee­dles. Con­tinue work­ing as in­structed in pat­tern.

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