Sew Easy But­tons

Creative Knitting - - THIS JUST IN - By TA­BETHA HEDRICK

I am ashamed to ad­mit this, but it was sev­eral years into my de­sign ca­reer be­fore I learned how to prop­erly sew a but­ton onto my hand­knits. Yes, years. It made me loathe this fi­nal step in fin­ish­ing. All I wanted to do was wear the sweater, not spend nearly an hour try­ing to fit yarn into tiny holes or poke my nee­dle into my beau­ti­ful stitches, try­ing to de­ter­mine how it would have the best hold.

While I could be in the mi­nor­ity of hav­ing FI­NALLY dis­cov­ered the trick to tightly at­tached but­tons, it was mon­u­men­tal enough for me to want to share the tech­nique with you. The big­gest aha! re­al­iza­tion of but­ton sewing is that there shouldn’t be any knots (jaw-drop­ping, I know). Ap­par­ently, those knots get in the way of a snug fit, as well as dis­tort your knit­ting. The sec­ond shocker was us­ing thread or em­broi­dery floss, not the project yarn. It’s a lot stronger, smoother and more se­cure (though, if your project yarn is all of those things, by all means use it).

So, gather these items: a nee­dle that fits into the hole of your but­ton, em­broi­dery floss or thread in your de­sired color, and a pair of scis­sors.

Be­gin by mark­ing the po­si­tion for your but­ton so that it cor­re­sponds with the but­ton­hole. Thread your nee­dle.

Step 1: In­sert the nee­dle, from back to front from the wrong side of the fab­ric up through one hole. Leave a small tail on the wrong side of your sweater.

Step 2: Push the nee­dle through the but­ton’s other hole, down through the fab­ric to the back of the sweater. Pull tight.

Re­peat these steps two to three more times.

Step 3: Flip your sweater over so you can work on the back. You’ll no­tice a tight loop has re­sulted from Steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: In­sert your nee­dle un­der the loop you saw in Step 3, com­ing out the other side. Re­peat this step twice more.

Step 5: Cut the thread so that it’s the same length as the tail, then thread your nee­dle with both tails. Se­cure the tails by weav­ing them through one or two stitches of the fab­ric.

Step 6: Snip the tails about a half inch away from the fab­ric; that will al­low the ends to “set­tle” into the fab­ric.

Step 1A Step 2A Step 3 Step 5 Step 1B Step 2B Step 4 Step 6

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