Long-Tail Cast-On

Creative Knitting - - KNITTING SCHOOL -

Make a slip knot on the right nee­dle.

Place the thumb and in­dex fin­ger of your left hand be­tween the yarn ends with the long yarn end over your thumb, and the strand from the yarn ball over your in­dex fin­ger. Close your other fin­gers over the strands to hold them against your palm. Spread your thumb and in­dex fin­gers apart and draw the yarn into a V.

Place the nee­dle in front of the strand around your thumb and bring it un­der­neath this strand. Carry the nee­dle over and un­der the strand on your in­dex fin­ger.

Draw the strand through the loop on your thumb. Drop the loop from your thumb and draw up the strand to form a stitch on the knit­ting nee­dle.

Re­peat un­til you have cast on the num­ber of stitches in­di­cated in the pat­tern.

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