Sonora Shawl

Creative Knitting - - COMFY & COZY - De­sign by BRITT SCH­MIESING

De­sign by Britt Sch­miesing

Let this blan­ket­like wrap keep you warm this win­ter, whether you wear it out or snug­gle up on the couch with it!


16 sts and 24 rows = 4 inches/10cm in garter st. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tion

Slipped Right Twist (SRT): Us­ing RH nee­dle, slip 2nd st on LH nee­dle as if to purl, leav­ing st on the LH nee­dle, then us­ing RH nee­dle again, knit first st on LH nee­dle and move both sts to RH nee­dle.

Pat­tern Stitch

Slant (mul­ti­ple of 15 sts) Row 1 (RS): *K14, sl 1 wyib; rep from

* across. Row 2 and all WS rows: Knit the knit sts and purl the sl sts.

Row 3: *K13, SRT; rep from * across.

Row 5: *K12, SRT, k1; rep from * across.

Row 7: *K11, SRT, k2; rep from * across.

Row 9: *K10, SRT, k3; rep from * across.

Row 11: *K9, SRT, k4; rep from * across.

Row 13: *K8, SRT, k5; rep from * across.

Row 15: *K7, SRT, k6; rep from * across.

Row 17: *K6, SRT, k7; rep from * across.

Row 19: *K5, SRT, k8; rep from * across.

Row 21: *K4, SRT, k9; rep from * across.

Row 23: *K3, SRT, k10; rep from * across.

Row 25: *K2, SRT, k11; rep from * across.

Row 27: *K1, SRT, k12; rep from * across.

Row 29: *SRT, k13; rep from * across.

Row 31: *K14, SRT; rep from * to last 14 sts, k14. Row 32: Rep Row 2. Rep Rows 3–32 for pat.

Color Se­quence

Note: Reps of Color Se­quence are worked as fol­lows: Rep 1: Work the color out­side the paren­the­ses. Rep 2: Work first color in the paren­the­ses. Rep 3: Work 2nd color in paren­the­ses. Rep 4: Work last color in paren­the­ses. 2 rows A (B, D, C) 6 rows B (C, A, D) 8 rows C (D, B, A) 6 rows D (A, C, B) 14 rows A (B, D, C) 2 rows B (C, A, D) 2 rows A (B, D, C) 28 rows B (C, A, D) 4 rows C (D, B, A) 10 rows D (A, C, B) 8 rows A (B, D, C) 4 rows B (C, A, D) 14 rows C (D, B, A) 2 rows D (A, C, B)

Pat­tern Notes

Shawl is worked side­ways, cast­ing on and bind­ing off at short ends. Fringe is op­tional. If omit­ting fringe, omit Eyelet rows and just work in Slant pat­tern. Cut yarn af­ter each color sec­tion.


With A, cast on 105 sts. Work Color Se­quence Rep 1 from top to bot­tom in Slant pat; if adding fringe, re­place Slant pat Row 3 with op­tional Eyelet row 1 as fol­lows: Eyelet row 1 (op­tional): K2, yo, k2­tog, k9, SRT, yo, k2­tog, *k11, SRT, yo, k2­tog; rep from * to last 13 sts, k9, k2­tog, yo, SRT. Con­tin­u­ing in Slant pat, work Rep 2

from top to bot­tom. Work 10 rows B. Work Rep 3 from bot­tom to top. Work Rep 4 from bot­tom to top, un­til 3 rows rem in the rep, end­ing with Slant pat row 27. Next row: If not adding fringe, con­tinue in Slant pat; if adding fringe, re­place Slant pat Row 28 with Eyelet row 2 as fol­lows: Eyelet row 2 (op­tional): K2, yo, k2­tog, k7, k2­tog, yo, p1, *k12, k2­tog, yo, p1; rep from * to last st, k1. With C, work Row 29 of Slant pat. Bind off kwise.

Fin­ish­ing Weave in ends. Block to mea­sure­ments.

Fringe (Op­tional) Cut ap­prox 32 (17-inch) strands of each color. Hold­ing 2 strands of each color tog, at­tach sin­gle-knot fringe (see page 111) in each eyelet along short edges. Trim fringe ends even.

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