Slipped Right Twist

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The slipped right twist cre­ates a right slant­ing slip stitch and is a lot like work­ing a small ca­ble with­out a ca­ble nee­dle. To work the slipped right twist (SRT), in­sert your RH nee­dle into the 2nd stitch on the LH nee­dle as if to purl (Photo1). Do not re­move it from the nee­dle.

Photo 1

Next, twist the RH nee­dle, keep­ing the slipped stitch on the nee­dle, so that you can knit the first stitch on the LH nee­dle (Photo 2). Then pull both stitches off the LH nee­dle to com­plete the stitch (Photo 3).

Photo 2

The 2nd stitch is now slipped and slant­ing across the first stitch.

Photo 3

When work­ing the stitch on the WS, purl it. To con­tinue the slipped and slant­ing line of stitches across the wrap, work each SRT start­ing 1 stitch be­fore pre­vi­ous SRT (see row-by-row in­struc­tions).

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