Creative Knitting - - KNITTING SCHOOL -

Cut two card­board cir­cles in size spec­i­fied in pat­tern. Cut a hole in the cen­ter of each cir­cle, about 1/2 inch in di­am­e­ter. Thread a ta­pes­try nee­dle with a length of yarn dou­bled. Hold­ing both cir­cles to­gether, insert nee­dle through cen­ter hole, over the out­side edge, through cen­ter again (Fig­ure 1) un­til en­tire cir­cle is cov­ered and cen­ter hole is filled (thread more length of yarn as needed).

With sharp scis­sors, cut yarn be­tween the two cir­cles all around the cir­cum­fer-ence (Fig­ure 2).

Us­ing two 12-inch strands of yarn, slip yarn be­tween cir­cles and over­lap yarn ends two or three times (Fig­ure 3) to pre­vent knot from slip­ping, pull tightly and tie into a firm knot. Re­move card­board and fluff out pom­pom by rolling it be­tween your hands. Trim even with scis­sors, leav­ing ty­ing ends for at­tach­ing pom­pom to project.

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