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In­struc­tions given fit size small; changes for medium, large, X-large and 2X-large are in [ ].


Bust: 34 inches (small), [38 inches (medium), 42 inches (large), 47 inches (X-large), 51 inches (2X-large)] Length: 211/2 inches (small), [22 inches (medium), 221/2 inches (large), 23 inches (X-large), 231/2 inches (2X-large)]


• DROPS Safran fine (sport) weight cot­ton yarn (13/4 oz/175 yds/50g per skein): 5 [5,6, 7, 8] skeins #18

off-white • Size 7/4.5mm cro­chet hook or

size needed to ob­tain gauge • Ta­pes­try nee­dle


7 Leaf and 7 Arches in Net Pat­tern = 7 inches wide; 8 rows = 4 inches


Weave in loose ends as work pro­gresses. Top is made of 2 rec­tan­gu­lar pan­els, worked from the top down and seamed to­gether along the shoul­ders. Sleeves are worked in the edges of front and back pan­els. Chain-5 at beg of rows counts as sin­gle cro­chet and chain-3 un­less oth­er­wise in­di­cated. Join with slip stitch as in­di­cated un­less oth­er­wise stated.


2-dou­ble cro­chet clus­ter (2-dc cl): [Yo, in­sert hook in in­di­cated st, draw up lp, yo, draw through 2 lps on hook] twice, yo, draw through all 3 lps on hook.

Leaf: (Sc, ch 3, 2-dc cl) in in­di­cated st.

Arch: Ch 3.


Net Pat­tern: On a mul­ti­ple of 5 chs + 3 Row 1: 2-dc cl (see Spe­cial Stitches) in 6th ch from hook (5 sk chs count as sc, ch 3), [ Arch (see Spe­cial Stitches), sk 4 chs, Leaf (see Spe­cial Stitches) in next ch] across, un­til 2 chs rem, sk next ch, dc in last ch, turn. Row 2: Ch 5 (see Pat­tern Notes), 2-dc cl in next 2-dc cl, [Arch, Leaf on top of next 2-dc cl] across to last 2-dc cl, dc in 2nd ch at beg of pre­vi­ous row, turn. Rep Row 2 for pat­tern rep.


Row 1: Ch 83 [93, 103, 113, 123], work row 1 of Net Pat­tern (see Pat­tern Stitch). (16 [18, 20, 22, 24] leaves, 15 [17, 19, 21, 23] arches, 1 dc) Rows 2–44 [2–45, 2–46, 2–47,

2–48]: Rep row 2 of Net Pat­tern across each row. At the end of last row, fas­ten off. With RS of Panel fac­ing, turn piece and join yarn in first ch of op­po­site side of foun­da­tion ch, work 1 sc in first ch, 3 sc in each 4-ch sp, 1 sc in each sp be­tween sc and 2-dc cl of first row, 1 sc in last ch. Fas­ten off. (62 [70, 78, 86, 94] sc)


Rep same as Front Panel. Sew shoul­der seams leav­ing cen­ter 11 [12, 13, 14, 15] inches for neck open­ing.


With RS fac­ing of seamed Pan­els, join (see Pat­tern Notes) yarn in last dc of 17th [17th, 19th, 19th, 21st] row from top of Back Panel. Row 1: Ch 5 (see Pat­tern Notes), 2-dc cl in the dc, sk first st of next Row, [Arch, Leaf in last dc of next Row] 9 [9, 10, 10, 11] times, Arch, Leaf on top of shoul­der seam, [Arch, Leaf in last dc of next Row] 9 [9, 10, 10, 11] times, dc in same st, turn. (19 [19, 21, 21, 23] Leaves, 18 [18, 20, 20, 22] Arches, 1 dc)

Rows 2–7 (dec rows): Ch 5, sk next 2-dc cl, 2-dc cl in next 2-dc cl, [Arch, Leaf in next 2-dc cl] across to the last 2-dc cl, dc in 2nd ch at beg of pre­vi­ous row, turn. (13 [13, 15, 15, 17] Leaves, 12 [12, 14, 14, 16] Arches at end of 7th row) Row 8: Rep row 2 of Net Pat­tern. Fas­ten off.


Sew Sleeve seams and sew Front and Back side seams. Gen­tly press sewn seams.


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