Fan Stitch Tu­to­rial

Crochet World - - Something Old Made New! - Tu­to­rial by An­nette Ste­wart

Akin to the Bul­lion stitch, the fan stitch is worked in two parts. First, the “cast on” places sev­eral yarn loops on the hook. Then, the hook is in­serted into the spec­i­fied stitch and fin­ished off by pulling a yarn over through all the cast on loops. Spe­cial Tech­nique— Cast On Loops In­stead of yarn­ing over the hook, the work­ing yarn is twisted into loops, sim­i­lar to a half-hitch knot.

First Cast On Loop

Step 1: Bring yarn across palm side, be­tween in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers; bring yarn over the in­dex fin­ger then un­der the mid­dle or ring fin­ger (which­ever is more com­fort­able), bring the yarn back up from be­hind and over the in­dex fin­ger (see Photo 1).

Step 2: Be­gin with hook be­hind yarn that ex­tents from the work; in­sert hook from the left (if work­ing yarn is on the left hand—from the

right if on the right hand), un­der the yarn that runs over the in­dex fin­ger then un­der mid­dle or ring fin­ger (see Photo 2).

Step 3: Re­lax fin­gers and let yarn come off of your fin­gers (see Pho­tos 3 and 4). Step 4: Se­cure the cast on around your hook (see Photo 5).

Step 5: Place a fin­ger from the hand hold­ing the hook across the loop and hook to keep the loop se­cure (see Photo 6).

Next Cast On Loop

As one loop is cast onto the hook, the next cast on can be set up by keep­ing the yarn be­tween in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers, let­ting the yarn hand lower to tighten the yarn on hook while putting the yarn back un­der the mid­dle or ring fin­ger, then back up be­hind and over the in­dex fin­ger. Re­peat steps 2–5 for each ad­di­tional loop. Each twist should be at the bot­tom to make it eas­ier to re­move the hook. Do not cast on too tightly as the hook must be able to pass through all the loops. Spe­cial Stitch—Fan Stitch Step 1: Cast on 8 loops (see Photo 7).

Step 2: In­sert the hook into the des­ig­nated chain or stitch (see Photo 8). Step 3: Yarn over and bring up a loop (see Photo 9).

Step 4: Yarn over, hold­ing the cast on loops by the twists at the bot­tom (see Photo 10), draw the yarn through all loops on hook (see Photo 11). Step 5: Chain 1 to close (see Photo 12).

Fin­ished Fan Stitch

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