Ada­line Hat & Scarf

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FIN­ISHED MEA­SURE­MENTS Hat: Ap­prox­i­mately 19 inches in cir­cum­fer­ence un­stretched Scarf: 51/2 inches wide x 61 inches long MA­TE­RI­ALS • Red Heart With Love Stripes medium (worsted) weight acrylic yarn (5 oz/223 yds/ 141g per skein):

2 skeins #1978 baroque stripe • Size L/11/8mm Tunisian cro­chet hook or size needed to ob­tain gauge • Size K/101/2/6.5mm cro­chet hook • Tapestry nee­dle GAUGE In RevTss: 13 sts = 4 inches; 9 rows = 4 inches


Each row in Tunisian cro­chet con­sists of 2 parts—a For­ward Pass where you pick up the stitches, and a Re­turn Pass where you work the stitches off the hook. Right side of work is al­ways fac­ing. Each piece is worked as a par­al­lel­o­gram. The hat is seamed to make a con­tin­u­ous loop. Join yarn with slip stitch un­less other­wise stated.


Cro­chet Cast On: Place slip knot on stan­dard cro­chet hook, po­si­tion Tunisian hook in left hand, rest­ing it on top of yarn com­ing from ball and di­rectly un­der the lp on stan­dard hook; yo around the Tunisian hook and draw yarn through lp on stan­dard hook. *The yarn will now be above the Tunisian hook. Slide it around the front of the hook to the back, yo and draw through lp on stan­dard hook; rep from * un­til 1 fewer sts than needed are on the Tunisian hook. Slide fi­nal lp on the stan­dard hook onto the Tunisian hook. Re­verse Tunisian Sim­ple Stitch (RevTss): With yarn in back, in­sert hook un­der back ver­ti­cal bar from right to left, yo, draw up a lp. Ex­tended Tunisian Sim­ple Stitch (ExTss) in end st: In­sert hook un­der both ver­ti­cal bars of fi­nal st in row, yo, draw up a lp, ch 1. End Stitch (end st): In­sert hook un­der both ver­ti­cal bars of fi­nal st in row, yo, draw up a lp.

In­crease (inc): In­sert hook un­der top lp only of next hor­i­zon­tal st, yo, draw up a lp. Sin­gle cro­chet 2 to­gether (sc2­tog): Sc dec (see Stitch Guide) in next 2 sts.


Note: Right edge of piece is top of hat. Row 1 (RS): A. Cro­chet cast on (see Spe­cial

Stitches) 33 sts. (33 sts) B. Yo, draw through first lp; *yo, draw through 2 lps; rep from * un­til 3 lps rem on hook, yo, draw through 3 lps (dec made), 1 lp rem on hook and counts as first st of next row.

Row 2:

A. Sk dec, RevTss (see Spe­cial Stitches) in next 30 sts, inc (see Spe­cial Stitches), end st (see Spe­cial Stitches). (33 sts) B. Rep row 1 B.

Rows 3–43: Rep row 2. Bind off: Sk dec, in­sert­ing hook as if to RevTss, sl st in each of next 30 sts, sl st un­der top strand of next hor­i­zon­tal st, work­ing un­der both ver­ti­cal bars sl st in fi­nal st. Fas­ten off leav­ing a 30-inch tail for sewing.


With tapestry nee­dle and end­ing tail, in­vis­i­ble seam (see il­lus­tra­tion) bound-off edge to first row.


Rnd 1: With stan­dard hook and RS fac­ing, join (see Pat­tern Notes)

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