It’s fun to work with dark yarns, es­pe­cially when paired with lighter col­ors to cre­ate beau­ti­ful ef­fects

Crochet! - - Contents - De­sign by Robyn Chachula


9 inches wide x 32 inches long


• Ber­roco Mille­fiori medium ( worsted) weight wool/ acrylic yarn ( 31/2 oz/ 186 yds/ 100g per skein):

1 skein # 7891 terra • Ber­roco Vin­tage medium ( worsted) weight acrylic/ wool/ ny­lon yarn ( 31/2 oz/ 218 yds/ 100g per skein):

1 skein # 5104 mush­room • Size L/ 11/ 8mm Tunisian cro­chet hook or size

needed to ob­tain gauge • Size H/ 8/ 5mm cro­chet hook • Ta­pes­try nee­dle • 11/4- inch wooden tog­gle but­ton: 3


5 ch-3 sps = 4 inches; 8 rows = 4 inches Take time to check gauge.


Each Tunisian row is worked in 2 steps: the for­ward pass and the re­turn pass to work loops off hook. Each ver­ti­cal bar of row 1 counts as a stitch. First loop on hook is counted as a stitch un­less other­wise stated. Join with slip stitch as in­di­cated un­less other­wise stated.


Change color: Pull up lp of new color through lp of old color on hook (see il­lus­tra­tion). Work loops off hook (work lps off hook): Yo, pull through 1 lp on hook (see il­lus­tra­tion A), [yo, pull through 2 lps on hook (see il­lus­tra­tion B)] across. Last lp on hook counts as first st of next row. Tunisian Dou­ble Cro­chet ( TDC): Pull up a lp about 1- inch long, yo and pull through lp, in­sert hook back into back lp of knot, yo and pull up a lp, yo and draw through both lps on hook (other­wise known as sc in back lp). Tunisian Purl Stitch ( TPS): Bring yarn to front of work, with yarn in front of hook, in­sert hook from left to right un­der next ver­ti­cal bar (see il­lus­tra­tion A), wrap yarn in front of st and around hook (see il­lus­tra­tion B), pull up lp (see il­lus­tra­tion C). Tunisian Sim­ple Stitch ( TSS): In­sert hook from right to left un­der next ver­ti­cal bar, yo, pull up a lp, on last st of row, in­sert hook un­der both ver­ti­cal strands, yo, pull up lp (see il­lus­tra­tion). Sur­face slip stitch (sur­face sl st): Hold­ing yarn at back of work, in­sert hook as in­di­cated, yo, pull lp through fab­ric and lp on hook.


Row 1 (RS): With mush­room, ch 27,

A. TSS (see Spe­cial Stitches) in each ch across,

B. change color (see Spe­cial Stitches) to terra, work lps off hook (see Spe­cial Stitches). (27 sts) Row 2:

A. Ch 1, *sl next st onto hook, TDC (see Spe­cial Stitches) in next st; rep from * across, B. work lps off hook. Row 3: A. TPS (see Spe­cial Stitches) in each st across, B. change color to mush­room, work lps off hook.

Row 4:

A. * In­sert hook in hor­i­zon­tal top bar of next st, yo and pull up a lp, sl next st onto hook; rep from * across, TSS in last st,

B. change color to terra, work off lps as nor­mal.

Next Rows: [Rep rows 2– 4] 28 times to­tal or to de­sired length.

Next Rows: Rep rows 2 and 3.

Last Row: Sl st in hor­i­zon­tal top bar of each st across, fas­ten off.


Rnd 1: With RS fac­ing and size H cro­chet hook, join (see Pat­tern Notes) mush­room in cor­ner of cowl, *sc evenly along edge of cowl, work­ing 3 sc in cor­ner, rep from * around, join in first sc, turn.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, *sc in each sc across to cor­ner, 3 sc in cor­ner, rep from * around, join in first sc, turn.

Rnd 3: Sl st in each sc around, do not turn.

Rnd 4 (op­tional): Sl st in each sc around on rnd 1 as fol­lows: hold yarn to back of work and sl st through fab­ric. This will em­broi­der a 2nd line of sts around cowl. Fas­ten off.


Pin cowl to fin­ished mea­sure­ments, spray with water and al­low to dry. Sew but­tons evenly along 1 short edge. Place a pin in op­po­site short edge to mark place­ment for tog­gles.


Join mush­room 11/2 inches away from edge of fab­ric by hold­ing yarn on un­der­side, sur­face sl st (see Spe­cial Stitches) in straight line to edge of cowl, ch 7, sur­face sl st back to 1 st away from first sur­face sl st, turn, work­ing in sts just made, sl st in each sl st and ch across. Fas­ten off.

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