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Refer to Pat­tern Notes to cus­tomize mea­sure­ments.

Right Hip

Row 1 (RS): With thyme, ch 19 [ 23, 27, 37], sc in 2nd ch from hook; sc across, turn. ( 18 [ 22, 26, 36] sc) Rows 2–5: Ch 1, sc in each st across for 4 more rows. Do not turn. ( Inc): Ch 36. ( Refer to Pat­tern Cus­tomiz­ing Notes to mod­ify the width.) Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, hdc in each sc to end, turn. ( 52 [ 60, 68, 90] hdc) Next Row: Ch 2 ( see Pat­tern Notes), hdc across, turn. Rep last row un­til piece mea­sures 5 [ 7, 8, 12] inches from beg, or length de­sired. Fas­ten off.


Fold fab­ric in half length­wise, match­ing side edges. Place marker in top cen­ter st. With

RS fac­ing, join ( see Pat­tern Notes) yarn 2 [ 3, 4, 7] sts be­fore the marker, sc across to 2 [ 3, 4, 7] sts be­yond the marked st, turn. ( 5 [ 7, 9, 15] sc) Con­tinue in sc rows un­til Bib mea­sures 31/2 [ 41/2, 51/2, 7] inches, or length de­sired. Fas­ten off.

Lower Left Hip With WS fac­ing and lower edge of work at top, join yarn in the first back lp (see Stitch Guide) of the beg ch on the up­per right side. Row 1: Ch 1. Sc into the back lps of the beg ch for 18 [ 22, 26, 36] sts, leav­ing rem sts un­worked, turn. Rows 2–4: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn. Fas­ten off.

Loop But­ton­hole Place­ment

X-Small & Small Only: With RS fac­ing, de­ter­mine the cen­ter on the left sel­vage and place marker for cen­ter but­ton­hole. Place 2 more mark­ers above and be­low, equidis­tant from cen­ter marker. Medium & Large Only: With RS fac­ing, place mark­ers on the left side sel­vage as fol­lows: 11/2, 31/2, 51/2 and 71/2 inches from top. ( If you have cus­tom­ized the length of the Body, ad­just but­ton­hole place­ment as de­sired.) Trim & Loop But­ton­holes ( Refer to Pat­tern Cus­tomiz­ing Notes for work­ing but­ton­hole lps if work­ing a 2nd rnd of trim.) With RS fac­ing, Bib at bot­tom, and us­ing buff fleck and size G hook, join yarn in the up­per right corner. Sc around edges, plac­ing sts in the back lps of the foun­da­tion ch, evenly along sel­vages, and plac­ing 3 sc in each corner, un­til you reach the first marker. * Sc in marked st and 2 sts be­yond, turn, ch 5, sl st in the 2nd st be­fore marker, turn, ch 1, 5 sc into ch- 5 sp, sl st in first st of beg ch, sc to next marker, rep from * un­til all but­ton­holes are cre­ated. Con­tinue in sc as in­di­cated to beg of trim, join in beg sc. Fas­ten off.

Place But­tons Bib For X-Small & Small Only: Sew a but­ton on the top cen­ter of the Bib.

For Medium & Large Only: Sew a but­ton at each top corner of the Bib.


Fold fab­ric so that the side edges meet and us­ing but­ton­holes as guide, sew but­tons on edge of the fab­ric ( the clo­sure will be flush rather than over­lap). Sew a but­ton at the top of both the left and right sides ( shoul­ders), 1– 11/2 inches from the edges. Th­ese will at­tach to the cowl at the base of the dog’s neck.


Refer to Pat­tern Cus­tomiz­ing Notes. Row 1: Us­ing thyme and the smaller hook, ch 13 [ 15, 19, 25], sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. ( 12 [ 14, 18, 24] sc) Row 2: Ch 1, sc in back lps across, turn. Rep Row 2 un­til piece mea­sures 71/2 [ 9, 11, 14] inches. Ch 1, seam tog by fold­ing fab­ric so that the edges meet and in­sert­ing hook through both thick­nesses ( the back lps of both the sc and foun­da­tion ch), sl st across. Do not fas­ten off.

But­ton­hole Place­ment Bib

X-Small & Small Only: Ch 5. Sl st into the top st of the next rib, turn, ch 1, 5 sc into ch- 5 sp, sl st in first ch. Fas­ten off.

Medium & Large Only: Work the first but­ton­hole as for the smaller sizes. Us­ing the body piece to de­ter­mine the place­ment of the 2nd but­ton­hole, place a marker on top of the rib­bing op­po­site the un­used but­ton. Join yarn to the right of the marked st. Ch 5, sl st into the top of the next rib. Turn, ch 1, 5 sc into ch- 5 sp, sl st in first ch. Fas­ten off.

Shoul­der But­ton­hole Place­ment At­tach the Cowl to the Bib, and us­ing the Body piece to de­ter­mine the po­si­tion of the but­ton­holes, place mark­ers on the Cowl. * Join yarn in the top of the rib to the right of the marker, ch 5, sl st into the next rib ( with marker at cen­ter, turn, ch 1, 5 sc into ch- 5 sp, sl st in first ch. Fas­ten off. Rep from * for the 2nd shoul­der but­ton­hole. Weave in all ends. C!

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