Crochet! - - Pat­terns -

Rep row 2 un­til 7 rows are com­pleted. Last row: [ In­sert hook in next ver­ti­cal bar, yo, draw up a lp and draw through st on hook] across un­til 1 lp rem, fas­ten off.

Join­ing Pan­els With cro­chet hook and off- white, beg at bot­tom, with WS fac­ing, hold 2 Pan­els tog and work­ing through both Pan­els, sl st through in­ner lps ( di­a­mond points must line up straight across) and con­tinue to sl st tog to top edge, fas­ten off. Con­tinue to sl st rem Pan­els tog un­til all 5 are joined, us­ing care to line up prop­erly or the Top­stitch­ing will not work.

Top­stitch­ing With wash­able marker, us­ing chart as a guide, mark bars to en­sure proper place­ment of Top­stitch­ing. With cro­chet hook and var­ie­gated, leav­ing 3- inch length at beg to be wo­ven in later, ch 1, * sl st in 7th bar from point on side of di­a­mond on right Panel, con­tinue from * to seam and then up to 7th bar from point of di­a­mond on the left Panel, con­tinue to seam and down to last st on di­a­mond be­fore beg st. Rep Top­stitch­ing around edges.

Border Rnd 1: With cro­chet hook, join ( see Pat­tern Notes) var­ie­gated in any cen­ter cor­ner st, ch 1, sc in end of each row along sides, work­ing 3 sc in each cor­ner, sc across ends, work­ing sc dec ( see Stitch Guide) over next 2 sts evenly sp on each Panel twice ( 10 dec to­tal each end), join in beg sc. Fas­ten off.

Fringe Row 1: With cro­chet hook, join var­ie­gated in cen­ter sc of cor­ner, work­ing across end of Afghan [ch 15, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in each rem ch across, sl st in each of next 2 sc of rnd 1 of Border] across, end­ing in cen­ter sc of next cor­ner, fas­ten off. Rep Fringe on op­po­site end of Afghan.

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