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We all have our fa­vorite col­ors and color com­bi­na­tions, but some­times we just get stuck try­ing to de­cide which col­ors would go to­gether well in our projects. Have you ever thought about us­ing a color wheel to help you put to­gether great color com­bos that can pro­duce eye- catch­ing re­sults?

There are nu­mer­ous styles of color wheels. The color wheel shown is very ba­sic and sim­ple to use.

Lo­cate the main color you’d like to use for your project. Blend­ing col­ors can be cho­sen from the two wedges to the right or left, de­pend­ing on the look you want to achieve. Con­trast­ing col­ors are di­rectly across from the main color.

Triad color schemes can be cre­ated by choos­ing the col­ors that cre­ate an equi­lat­eral tri­an­gle with your main color. On a 12- part color wheel, the lines of an equi­lat­eral tri­an­gle would select ev­ery fourth color. So, for ex­am­ple, if your main color is blue, the triad col­ors are yel­low and red.

All col­ors on the color wheel are num­bered ac­cord­ing to value, so if you wish to cre­ate un­usual color schemes, choose col­ors that are the same val­ues. You can cre­ate an un­lim­ited num­ber of gor­geous color com­bi­na­tions us­ing col­ors from any value group (all No. 3’s, for ex­am­ple). For an ex­cit­ing color scheme, choose black, gray, navy, brown or white, and ac­cent with one or more vivid col­ors. Let’s say you are mak­ing an afghan as a gift. You might like to choose col­ors that re­flect the per­son­al­ity of the re­cip­i­ent. Yel­lows are cheer­ful and bright. Reds are pas­sion­ate and ag­gres­sive. Blues are calm and cool. Pur­ples are re­gal and star­like. Or­anges are warm and cozy. Greens, de­pend­ing on whether they are more blue or more yel­low, can be cool or vi­brant. If you are mak­ing an afghan or other dec­o­ra­tive ac­ces­sories for your own home, work up swatches in sev­eral pos­si­ble color com­bi­na­tions. Look at them from a dis­tance rather than close up, prefer­ably in the lo­ca­tion where you plan to use the pieces. You will get a more re­al­is­tic view of how the color com­bi­na­tion will look and which com­bi­na­tions you pre­fer. Have fun ex­per­i­ment­ing with the color wheel and see­ing what fab­u­lous color com­bi­na­tions you can put to­gether for your projects. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are vir­tu­ally end­less!

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