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The Loop- N- Lace™ tech­nique was orig­i­nally cre­ated by Annie Pot­ter one win­try af­ter­noon while she was work­ing on join­ing Mile-A- Minute Afghan strips, try­ing to de­velop a new way to sim­u­late the ca­bled fish­er­man de­signs of the Aran Isles.

While ex­per­i­ment­ing with a se­ries of loops she dis­cov­ered that lac­ing the loops to­gether formed a beau­ti­ful ca­ble and joined the strips at the same time.

The process in­volves cro­chet­ing a chain-10, sin­gle cro­chet and a chain-15 loop and an­other sin­gle cro­chet all in the same stitch on the long edge of the strips. The strips are then in­ter­laced, cre­at­ing a dec­o­ra­tive seam that frames each strip and looks like a ca­ble.

The chain-10 and chain-15 loops are cro­cheted al­ter­nately across the sides of the strip. If two of the same size loops are next to each other the lac­ing in­struc­tions will not work evenly, so pe­ri­od­i­cally check to make sure they al­ter­nate. (see Photo 1)

For the first stage of assem­bly, the chain-10 loops are laced up the sides of the strip. (see Photo 2)

Al­ways be­gin­ning at the bot­tom and skip­ping over the chain-15 loops, reach through the first chain-10 and pick up the sec­ond chain-10 loop, pull it through the first loop, reach­ing through the last loop, pick up the next chain-10 loop and pull it through (see Photo 3); re­peat this process up to the top of the strip. Next, place two strips side by side. (see Photo 4)

Be­gin­ning at the bot­tom, reach through first loop on the first strip, pick up the first loop on the sec­ond strip and pull through. (see Photo 5)

Reach­ing through the last loop, pick up the next loop on the first strip and pull through the loop on the sec­ond strip. (see Photo 6)

Re­peat this process up to the top of the strips.

Re­mem­ber, al­ways start lac­ing in the same man­ner at the bot­tom to keep the di­rec­tion of your lac­ing the same as you work.

Lace the re­main­ing chain-15 loops on each outer edge in the same man­ner as the chain-10 loops. (see Photo 7)

To an­chor the loose loop at the tops of each seam, work a row of sin­gle cro­chet stitches, catch­ing them as you go, or tack them in place on the wrong side of the seam. (see Pho­tos 8, 9 and 10) C!

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