BEACHY TASSEL NECK­LACE De­sign by Jen­nifer Oli­varez This bo­hemian, ca­sual and care­free neck­lace is sur­pris­ingly fast and easy to stitch.

Crochet! - - Contents - C! DE­SIGN BY JEN­NIFER O LIV ARE Z


Beaded chain is 24 inches; tassel pen­dant is 11/4 inches wide x 41/2 inches long


• Else­beth Lavold Hem­pa­thy light ( DK) weight cot­ton/ hemp/ modal yarn ( 13/4 oz/ 153 yds/ 50g per ball):

1 ball # 4 white beach • Size D/ 3/ 3.25mm cro­chet hook or size

needed to ob­tain gauge • Large- eye nee­dle or size suit­able to pass

through beads while threaded • Size 6/ 0 Czech glass seed beads by Bead­ers

Par­adise: 1 pack­age Chero­kee mix • 3- inch- wide card­board • Tapestry nee­dle • Darice Mix and Min­gle AJM- 1999- 7793:

1 turquoise bead


6 sl sts = 1 inch


For Open- Cen­ter Medal­lion, don't stitch too tightly. Keep a loose but even ten­sion. More or fewer sin­gle cro­chet stitches may be needed to cover ring. Push stitches to­gether as you work around the ring. Join with slip stitch as in­di­cated un­less oth­er­wise spec­i­fied.


Beaded chain ( bdch): Slide bead along yarn un­til it is next to hook, yo and pull through lp on hook, cap­tur­ing bead on back of ch st.


To make a ring, wind yarn around in­dex fin­ger 20 times. In­sert hook be­tween fin­ger and lps, yo and pull through all lps, ch 1 to se­cure. Gen­tly re­move from fin­ger.

Rnd 1: 28 sc (see Pat­tern Notes) into ring, join (see Pat­tern Notes) in beg sc. Fas­ten off. (28 sc)


String 42 beads on yarn in ran­dom or­der.

Row 1: Leav­ing an 8- inch tail, ch 5, [ bdch (see Spe­cial Stitch), ch 2] 42 times, ch 3. Fas­ten off, leav­ing an 8- inch tail. (42 bd­chs, 92 chs)


Wind yarn around card­board 30 times. Thread a sep­a­rate 12- inch length of yarn be­tween card­board and wound yarn. Work this 12- inch length to top edge of card­board and tie in a tight dou­ble knot. Re­move wound yarn from card­board. Hold­ing the top of the Tassel where it has been tied tog, cut the wound yarn in half at the other end. With a dou­ble knot, tie an­other 12- inch length of yarn around all strands of Tassel, about 1/2 inch from the top. Wrap 1 end of this 12- inch length around all the strands 3– 4 times and tie in an­other dou­ble knot. Thread 1 end of this yarn onto the tapestry nee­dle. Pass the nee­dle be­hind the wrapped yarn, down into the mid­dle of the Tassel and out the bot­tom. Rep for the other tail. Tie the 2 ends tog in a dou­ble knot.


Tie both ends of the Beaded Chain tog in an over­hand knot. Thread both 8- inch tails tog onto tapestry nee­dle. At­tach the Beaded Chain to the WS of the Open- Cen­ter Medal­lion at the top by pass­ing the nee­dle down through the hor­i­zon­tal bar at the back of 1 sc and out the back of the Medal­lion. Weave in each end sep­a­rately to se­cure. To at­tach Tassel, thread the 2 strands at the top of the Tassel (that were used to tie the Tassel tog) onto a tapestry nee­dle. Thread the large-hole turquoise bead onto these strands. Lo­cate the bot­tom cen­ter sc of the Open- Cen­ter Medal­lion. Sew the Tassel to the WS of the Medal­lion by pass­ing the nee­dle up through the hor­i­zon­tal bar at the back of this sc and out the back of the Medal­lion. Pass the nee­dle back down through the turquoise bead and through the top of the Tassel. Gen­tly work the nee­dle down through the mid­dle of the Tassel un­til it comes out the bot­tom. Pull gen­tly un­til all pieces are snug. Tie the 2 strands tog, and trim ends flush with Tassel.

This bo­hemian, ca­sual and care­free neck­lace is sur­pris­ingly fast and easy to stitch. It’s the per­fect sum­mer project to take to the beach, then wear while you’re there!

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