Crochet! - - Slip Into Style -

1. Know the Num­bers: Al­ways check dye- lot num­bers when pur­chas­ing

yarn and pur­chase the full amount needed plus an ex­tra skein or two. 2. Take a Stand: Free­stand­ing pa­per- towel hold­ers work well for hold­ing balls of thread and make it easy to work with more than one color at a time. 3. Avoid Those Holes: When work­ing mo­tifs that be­gin with a chain joined into a ring, you can be­gin with a chain- two in­stead of the ring if the pat­tern be­gins with a sin­gle cro­chet. Work the re­quired num­ber of sin­gle cro­chet into the sec­ond chain from the hook, us­ing it as the “ring.” If the pat­tern be­gins with a dou­ble cro­chet, be­gin with a chain- four in­stead of the ring and work the re­quired num­ber of dou­ble cro­chet into the fourth chain from the hook to form the ring. 4. Smooth Stitch­ing: Beeswax is a great tool for keep­ing your hooks stitch­ing smoothly. First clean your hooks with rub­bing al­co­hol, dry with a soft cloth, then buff with beeswax! They will zip through your stitch­work! 5. On the Edge: When edg­ing gar­ments, be­gin at a seam (un­der­arm, shoul­der or sleeve) and then work around; join and con­tinue as in­structed. This tech­nique avoids draw­ing the eye to a join­ing at a corner of the neck or lower front.

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