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1. What’s Ease? Ease is the dif­fer­ence be­tween the wearer’s body mea­sure­ments and the fin­ished mea­sure­ments of the gar­ment. Ease is nec­es­sary for a good fit, but it varies ac­cord­ing to the style of the gar­ment.

2. RS (right side), WS (wrong side): These terms re­fer to the side of the project that will be on the out­side or the in­side af­ter the project is fin­ished.

3. High­light It! Us­ing a high­lighter to mark special stitches and notes in the pat­terns be­fore be­gin­ning is a great way to pre­vent set­backs! It can also be help­ful to mark re­peat sym­bols and color changes.

4. Mo­tifs! Be­fore be­gin­ning an in­tri­cate mo­tif it is a good idea to prac­tice us­ing yarn and a large hook.

5. Too Tight? To keep your be­gin­ning chain from be­ing too tight (a very com­mon prob­lem in cro­chet), try mak­ing the be­gin­ning chain with a hook that is one size larger than the hook size called for in the ma­te­ri­als list. Do­ing so will help en­sure that your be­gin­ning edge is the same width as your end­ing edge.

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