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I just read your ar­ti­cle about dinghies (“Pumped Up,” April 2017). I have been very happy with my high-pres­sure floor dinghy in large part be­cause I had a cus­tom­made Sun­brella soft con­tainer made for the dinghy and fig­ured out how to per­ma­nently mount the con­tainer on the fore­deck of my Is­land Packet. When we are trav­el­ing any dis­tance, we hoist the dinghy onto the fore­deck with the spin­naker hal­yard, use the 12-volt pump to de­flate it, roll it up and stow it in the con­tainer. When it is time to use the dinghy, we re­verse the process. The mo­tor is stored on the stern pul­pit.

Your ar­ti­cle did a good job of dis­cussing three dif­fer­ent boat types. How­ever, it didn’t specif­i­cally men­tion that hav­ing a hard-bot­tom boat also means hav­ing davits, which add a bunch to the ex­pense. Davits do make it easier to launch and re­cover the dinghy. It takes at least 30 min­utes for my wife and me to go through the process de­scribed above.

Bob Mersereau Is­land Packet 440 Grand Cru

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