Cruising World - - Under Way - Jeff Lehman Via email

I love Cruis­ing World, but the April is­sue be­came “Curs­ing World” for me. Why? April Fools’ not with­stand­ing, the cover shot by Billy Black shows Hope’s driver (Dave Rearick) on the low side, in heeled-over con­di­tions, rail in the wa­ter, with no PFD or har­ness on. As the mil­len­ni­als say, WTF? He’s 3 feet away from be­ing MOB. Re­gard­less of how pro­fi­cient Dave is with all his off­shore ex­pe­ri­ence, is that re­ally the image of cruis­ing safety you want to pro­mote? Given the num­ber of high-pro­file peo­ple who have been lost over­board in blue­wa­ter sail­ing re­cently (Volvo Ocean Race, Clip­per Round the World Race), it might make more sense to err on the side of safety, not over­con­fi­dence — es­pe­cially on a cover shot. MOBS can hap­pen to any­one. Be­sides, crews look much cooler with all their safety gear on. There are pic­tures in the ar­ti­cle (“Hope Springs Eter­nal”) of Hope’s owner wear­ing his safety gear, so there’s that, thank­fully.

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