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Q:G’day from Aus­tralia! My query con­cerns a de­sire to put a car­bu­re­tor on my XB Buell so that I might ride with­out all those sen­sors in­ter­fer­ing with things. See, I’m not up with the com­puter side of these neat bikes, and since Har­ley-david­son flushed Buell away, its deal­ers seem un­in­ter­ested in deal­ing with us Buell­sters.

Har­ley-david­son also doesn’t seem in­ter­ested in re­leas­ing soft­ware to blokes like me so that we might try to work is­sues out our­selves, alas. So, Cy­cle World, could you help with info regarding putting a carby on my Buell or per­haps tell where I might source soft­ware al­low­ing me to work on my bike?

Yeah, there are six XB Buells in my shed, and my two sons have three more. BRUCE LINNELL AUS­TRALIA

A:Fit­ting a carb would be a big step back­ward. Those sen­sors aren't in­ter­fer­ing with any­thing and in fact help the bike run its best from cold start at sea level to high alti­tude and at any rea­son­able tem­per­a­ture. Fuel-in­jec-

tion, in gen­eral, will al­low an en­gine to make more power and use less fuel. The XB also uses a down­draft in­take, so fit­ting a carb would be tricky. The OE Dy­namic Dig­i­tal Fuel In­jec­tion (DDFI) was re­li­able and worked well. Di­rect Link Soft­ware from tech­nore­search. com al­lows ECU tun­ing. There are also a num­ber of add-on tuners!

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