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As the mother of two chil­dren un­der the age of 5 and prin­ci­pal of her epony­mous Dal­las in­te­rior de­sign firm, Mor­gan Far­row’s world is a mix of color, chaos, and joy.

Q: You’ve played with so many dar­ing pat­terns in this home. What’s to love about wall­pa­per to­day? A: To­day’s wall­pa­pers are not your grand­mother’s! The de­signs and col­ors feel fresh and fun, not stuffy or for­mal. Bold graph­ics and geo­met­ric prints have re­placed the dainty flo­rals of the past, and the scale is dif­fer­ent, too. Prints and pat­terns have blown up to an ex­ag­ger­ated size so they read as modern. The col­ors are more sat­u­rated, and even the neu­tral ones look richer when en­hanced with tex­ture or metal­lic em­bel­lish­ments.

Q: How has tech­nol­ogy ad­vanced wall­pa­per?

A: I’m see­ing a lot of com­puter- and photo-gen­er­ated pat­terns and prints, where the im­ages are blown-up, mir­rored, or re­peated to cre­ate an over­all pat­tern. There are also sev­eral self-ad­he­sive or tem­po­rary wall­pa­pers on the mar­ket. They are af­ford­able and easy-to-in­stall for the DIYER and a “no-ex­cuses” op­tion for dec­o­rat­ing com­mit­ment-phobes.

Q: Be­yond aes­thet­ics, does wall­pa­per have prac­ti­cal ad­van­tages over painted walls? Can it hide dry­wall “sins?”

A: Vinyl wall­pa­pers have a durable, wi­peable fin­ish, mak­ing walls eas­ier to main­tain than those that are just painted.

Vinyl, you say? You heard me! They’ve come a long way and are more so­phis­ti­cated than ever. Un­for­tu­nately, wall­pa­per won’t ab­solve sheetrock “sins.” It will do the op­po­site by mak­ing the dam­age stand out and look worse. It’s cru­cial that walls are prop­erly floated and prepped be­fore they are pa­pered to en­sure a smooth fin­ish.

Q: What room re­sponds best to wall­pa­per?

A: The mas­ter bed­room! Wrap it in wall­pa­per, and all of a sud­den you’ve cre­ated a co­coon. The pa­per serves as a buf­fer be­tween you and cold walls, so the room feels softer, co­zier, and more lux­u­ri­ous.

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