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I come from a very close Mid­west­ern fam­ily. I have one sis­ter, two broth­ers and great par­ents. Ev­ery other year, we would take a fam­ily trip to the lake. As we’ve got­ten older, the tra­di­tion has stayed and grown to in­clude new fam­ily mem­bers. We all meet up, bring­ing our spouses and kids. The prob­lem herein lies with my el­der sis­ter and her hus­band.

When I first met my brother-in-law, he was so nice and friendly to our fam­ily. He is an Aussie, and we were charmed by him. He raved about how much he loved the great out­doors and looked for­ward to keep­ing up our fam­ily tra­di­tion. Af­ter they got mar­ried, ev­ery­thing changed. The first year, my sis­ter and her new hus­band said they couldn’t make the trip be­cause of his work (even with two years’ no­tice). The sec­ond time around, it was yet again be­cause he had to work.

They just seem to make ev­ery ex­cuse in the book not to go. I am the one whom she al­ways calls to break the news. I can hear the real dis­ap­point­ment in her voice as she says they won’t be mak­ing it yet again.

Since the wed­ding, we pretty much have never seen him and rarely have seen her. My brother-in­law never comes to any fam­ily func­tions and makes no ef­fort to have a re­la­tion­ship with my par­ents.

I’ve talked to my broth­ers about this, and they think that be­cause our brother-in-law’s par­ents live in Aus­tralia and he rarely gets to see them, he is jeal­ous that our sis­ter lives so close to her fam­ily. Is there any­thing that I can do to make him come around and want to come on our fam­ily trips? My el­der sis­ter was al­ways the leader in our fam­ily, but now our fear­less leader has turned into a cow­ardly black sheep.

— Black Sheep’s Sib­ling

It sounds as if your brother-in-law’s true col­ors came out af­ter the wed­ding, and they’re sick­en­ing shades of green. He is con­sumed by envy. If he can’t have fam­ily, then she can’t have fam­ily. This cer­tainly does not seem like a lov­ing mar­riage.

Her hus­band sounds — let’s put it kindly — less than per­fect, but the real ques­tion is why your sis­ter would al­low this to go on. I would try talk­ing to her one-on-one to see whether she can reach a com­pro­mise with her hus­band. Maybe pro­pose that they start al­ter­nat­ing years — spend­ing va­ca­tion at the lake with you one year and in Aus­tralia the next. Also make an ef­fort to reach out to your brother-in-law some­times just to see how he’s do­ing so he feels that he’s im­por­tant to you. If he would em­brace your fam­ily, it might help him feel less home­sick.

In a re­cent col­umn, you printed a let­ter from a man who didn’t like the friends of a woman he started see­ing re­cently. You said: “If you don’t like this girl’s friends, then my guess is that when you get to know her bet­ter, you won’t like her.”

Well, maybe, maybe not. The sit­u­a­tion you de­scribe may be an evolv­ing process, and she may well change for the bet­ter or worse. It is a hard call at this point. I have seen some re­mark­able peo­ple evolve out of an en­vi­ron­ment of wacky friends be­cause some sig­nif­i­cant other hap­pens upon the scene and the per­son fi­nally comes to her/his senses. And the wacky friends dis­ap­pear.

— Don D.


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Her hus­band sounds — let’s put it kindly — less than per­fect, but the real ques­tion is why your sis­ter would al­low this to go on.

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