How long can peo­ple live? New study sug­gests there’s a limit

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Just how long can peo­ple live? New re­search sug­gests there may be a limit to our life span, one that’s hard to ex­tend with­out some sort of break­through that fixes all age-re­lated prob­lems.

The record for the world’s old­est per­son is 122 years, and the odds of shat­ter­ing that record are slim, ac­cord­ing to an anal­y­sis pub­lished Wed­nes­day in the jour­nal Na­ture.

“It seems ex­tremely dif­fi­cult, if not im­pos­si­ble, to break through that ceil­ing due to the com­plex­ity of the ag­ing process,” one of the re­searchers, Jan Vijg, a ge­neti­cist at the Al­bert Ein­stein Col­lege of Medicine in New York, said in an email.

Life ex­pectan­cies in many coun­tries have risen dra­mat­i­cally be­cause of im­prove­ments in med­i­cal care and san­i­ta­tion in the last cen­tury. The max­i­mum age of death has also in­creased, lead­ing some to be­lieve that there’s no bound­ary to how long peo­ple can live.

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