Trump presents him­self as poor ex­cuse for a man

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Leonard Pitts says he never heard a man speak the way Don­ald Trump and Billy Bush did in that now-in­fa­mous out­take.

Look, I’m a guy, all right?

So I’ve spent a lot of time do­ing guy things in guy places: bar­ber­shops, locker rooms, even men’s pris­ons. Back dur­ing my mu­sic critic days, I hung out back­stage with a ver­i­ta­ble army of rock lords and soul men.

But I have never, not ever, not once, heard a man speak the way Don­ald Trump and Billy Bush do in that 2005 out­take from “Ac­cess Hol­ly­wood” that was un­earthed Fri­day by The Wash­ing­ton Post. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, alien crea­tures in Al­pha Cen­tauri have seen it, the as­tound­ing clip that re­quired the au­gust New York Times to use the F word and oc­ca­sioned a lively live de­bate on CNN over rep­e­ti­tion of a cer­tain fe­line syn­onym for the fe­male gen­i­talia.

In the clip, Trump speaks with ca­sual cru­dity about his propen­sity for sex­ual as­sault, about how he kisses women with­out per­mis­sion as though their bod­ies were his en­ti­tle­ment, how he grabs them by the pu­denda like, one as­sumes, grab­bing one’s dog by the leash, one’s bag by the han­dle or oth­er­wise tak­ing con­trol of one’s prop­erty.

“And when you’re a star,” he says, “they let you do it. You can do any­thing.” All while Bush is gig­gling de­ment­edly along, play­ing Mil­house to Trump’s Bart Simp­son — ex­cept that Bart has a bet­ter moral com­pass and Mil­house a stur­dier back­bone.

A day later, CNN re­ported on a 2004 ra­dio in­ter­view in which Howard Stern won­ders if it’s OK to call Trump’s daugh­ter Ivanka “a piece of ass,” and Trump says, wist­fully, “yeah.” It’s hard for me to con­ceive of any fa­ther who wouldn’t want to smash the face of the man who de­scribed his daugh­ter thus, but Trump goes with it.

His de­fense to all of this, echoed by his co­terie of syco­phants, is that boys will be boys. It’s just “locker room” talk, they say.

It ought not be news to any­one by now that the Repub­li­can nom­i­nee for pres­i­dent is a sen­tient tower of ex­cre­ment in a red power tie. But for­give me if, as a guy, I take par­tic­u­lar of­fense at his at­tempt to con­script me and mine as con­spir­a­tors in his loath­some­ness, to make us guys hu­man shields for his re­pug­nant ju­ve­nil­ity.

Don’t get me wrong. I claim no saint­hood for my gen­der. We are not strangers to raunch. And I’m sure your av­er­age server at Hoot­ers could tell tales of male mis­be­hav­ior that could cur­dle your milk.

But non­cha­lantly boast­ing about sex­ual as­sault? Ca­su­ally con­cur­ring with some pro­fes­sional letch who de­means your very own daugh­ter to your very own face?

Don’t put that on us. There is noth­ing in­her­ently male about that. No, that be­hav­ior re­flects the stunted emo­tional ma­tu­rity of a then-59-year-old frat boy, a pam­pered rich kid who never grew up.

And how telling is it that a raft of Repub­li­cans, head­lined by Sen. John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan, has with­drawn sup­port for their nom­i­nee since the video was re­leased? They were able to stand with him through his big­otry, his Is­lam­o­pho­bia, his bul­ly­ing, his misog­yny, his mock­ery of a dis­abled man, his en­dorse­ment of vi­o­lence, his man­i­fest ig­no­rance and his gen­eral nox­ious­ness, but boast­ing of sex­ual as­sault was the deal breaker? Why?

Of course, those GOP lead­ers are all pro­files in courage by com­par­i­son with the one in three Amer­i­can vot­ers who still, as­ton­ish­ingly, con­sider this piece of scum wor­thy of the Oval Of­fice.

Fine. That’s their right, and democ­racy re­quires no IQ test. But let them not ra­tio­nal­ize Trump’s go­daw­ful­ness by re­treat­ing into the fic­tion that this is just How Men Are.

Don­ald Trump is no man. He’s just a re­ally poor ex­cuse for one.

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