Em­bar­rass­ment vs. Evil

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Ev­ery­one knows I’m not a Trump sup­porter. He’s per­son­ally em­bar­rass­ing.

He has em­bar­rassed the Repub­li­can Party.

He has em­bar­rassed the coun­try.

He’s right about many things. And he did much bet­ter at the sec­ond de­bate.

But it doesn’t mat­ter. Un­less there’s a mir­a­cle, he’s go­ing to lose to Hil­lary.

He’s go­ing to be de­feated by the weak­est, most un­lik­able, least trustable can­di­date the Democrats have nom­i­nated since, well, her hus­band.

It’s not just Hil­lary we’ll be stuck with for four years, by the way. It’ll be a two-fer.

We’ll also get four more years of her dirty old man, Bill, who sin­gle­hand­edly did more to de­base and em­bar­rass the of­fice of pres­i­dent than any­one.

Amer­ica is al­ready in big trou­ble. I’m 71 and I won’t live to see it, but it’s go­ing to get worse be­fore it gets bet­ter.

It re­ally makes me sad to think about what’s hap­pen­ing to the coun­try, or why.

Most young peo­ple — the mil­len­nial vot­ers ev­ery­one’s try­ing to please — don’t have a clue what’s go­ing wrong now be­cause they don’t know any­thing about his­tory.

They don’t know how Amer­ica got to be great, or how much bet­ter off they are than their par­ents or grand­par­ents — or why.

They don’t know where their great coun­try came from, or who built it, or why im­mi­grants came here, or why the Found­ing Fa­thers wrote the Con­sti­tu­tion and the Bill of Rights.

For them, Amer­i­can his­tory started with the iPhone, Barack Obama and Bernie San­ders prom­ise of free col­lege.

I was talk­ing to my 38-yearold son the other day. He’s got a 9-month-old daugh­ter and he’s wor­ried about her fu­ture. So am I. What kind of coun­try is she go­ing to find after four or — God for­bid — eight years of a Clin­ton co-pres­i­dency?

Ev­ery­one who reads this col­umn knows how I feel about Don­ald Trump. Trump knows how I feel about Trump. My fa­ther in heaven knows.

I’m em­bar­rassed. My fa­ther would be em­bar­rassed. My mother would be em­bar­rassed. My step­mother would be em­bar­rassed. And rightly so.

Trump is no con­ser­va­tive, no Repub­li­can, no gentle­man, no pol­icy wonk, no an­swer to Amer­ica’s prayers or needs — at home or over­seas.

Trump is Trump, and al­ways will be. He has been as em­bar­rass­ing as he is now since the day he started to run.

The purists on talk ra­dio and in the con­ser­va­tive move­ment, and the GOP es­tab­lish­ment — the chick­ens who let Trump steal their party in­stead of their ideas — are jump­ing ship like rats.

Trump isn’t per­fect as a hu­man be­ing or a Repub­li­can and never will be.

But I’m will­ing to be em­bar­rassed by him for four years if that’s what it takes to stop Hil­lary.

Amer­ica can’t af­ford to have her in charge for one hour.

Her bad eco­nomic ideas, her dis­hon­esty, her cor­rupt politics, her slimy friends, her Supreme Court choices and her phony fam­ily’s fam­ily val­ues will start us down a path that will lead to the de­struc­tion of the Amer­i­can way of life.

That scary thought far out­weighs any con­cern — and em­bar­rass­ment — I’d have vot­ing for Don­ald Trump.

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