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1 Re­laxes on the

porch, say 6 Char­ac­ter set 10 “Some girls with a snuf­fle / Their tem­pers are uf­fle” poet Pest con­trol brand 19 Digs in the

snow 20 Many a woman,

vo­cally 21 “Home­land”

ac­tress Mi­randa 22 Rev­o­lu­tion­ary

diplo­mat Si­las 23 *Re­tail en­tice­ment Cas­san­dra’s prophecy Ill-fated en­ergy com­pany Peace­ful and re­laxed “Word is ... ” *Western nick­name Chipo­tle op­tion Ex­pert in fu­tures? __ buco Foe of Rocky Desert or tun­dra Lon­go­ria of “Te­len­ov­ela” Org. in some le Carré nov­els Fed­eral Re­serve chair Yellen Supplied, as a for­got­ten line Si­tarist Shankar Skin *Re­porter’s cre­den­tial Pollen source An­nual stage award Auc­tion en­der? Outer: Pref. *Mall rar­ity at Christ­mas Con­tend (with) Thus far Friend of Claudius I Seedy digs Quite a jour­ney “Whoop-de-doo” Bolt on the track Comes into view *Like much farm decor Go­liath, to David It might have the fam­ily name on it 14 25 26 27

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61 64 67 70 72

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Coastal rap­tor Make pub­lic, in a way *Many sand­wiches are made for it Raggedy dolls __ review Mower han­dle? Devoured Born, in Bordeaux Brick-shaped candy __-mouthed: in­clined to curse Brown in the kitchen NYC line with a Baby­lon branch Bluff­ing words, per­haps Thick slice *Air­port em­ployee 103 Fore­arm bones 106 Mauna __ 109 Moronic 110 Chipo­tle op­tion 81 82


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9 Fra­cas, and a hint to both words in the an­swers to starred clues Go­Pro com­peti­tor Sneaker brand Muddy ground One lack­ing roots Crock­pot dishes Min. di­vi­sions As­sist in a gym “Ciao!”


High-end ho­tel Grimm meanie The dot-com boom co­in­cided with much of it Org. for the great out­doors Seeks earnestly Free Wi-Fi provider, of­ten __ Romeo Sports test­ing sub­jects A.L. East team 10 11 12 13 14 15


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43 44 “Ix­nay” Is­land ring Kiln, e.g. Sweet spot? Black Sea re­sort Prop­erty owner’s in­come Where to find flat beer drinkers? Tied, briefly En­dan­gered state bird Sounds of discovery In­dian pas­tries __ eyes Lover of Aphrodite Pop­py­cock More Spar­tan Cream Tied “It’s what you do” in­surance com­pany Run Picture file acro­nym As­pect Gath­ered (in) 45 46

48 50 54

55 57

58 62 63 65 66

67 68 69 71

73 74 75 77 Peace­ful re­la­tions Robin Wil­liams ti­tle role Trap­per’s prize “You’d like this” Trop­i­cal fruit used in sal­sas Smith of Fox News Trims in the gar­den Huff and puff Char­lotte __ Dai­sy­like bloom Rhone trib­u­tary Build­ing guide­line Large amount Mezzo Mar­i­lyn Car­ni­val treat Vol­un­teer’s phrase Ques­tion of re­spon­si­bil­ity Cheap col­le­giate cup­ful WWII sub­ma­chine gun Me­dia mogul Mur­doch 78

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111 112 Santa __ Val­ley: Cal­i­for­nia wine re­gion Vi­o­lent anger “Go for it!” Rowdy sorts “Ciao” Some “Doc­tor Who” crea­tures Hogs the mir­ror, say Zoo an­i­mals with Chinese names “Yeah, right!” “No duh!” Cry of sur­ren­der Museum piece An­chovy con­tain­ers Part of A.A. Milne? Latin trio part Fly­ing start? OFF! in­gre­di­ent Aveeno ri­val “The Avi­a­tor” Oscar nom­i­nee Ra­dio set­tings Sushi roll top­ping

“Mumma” no more. Terms of en­dear­ment aren’t very en­dear­ing when they make you feel in­fe­rior or lesser in any way, and it sounds as if that’s the case here. Pick a new nick­name, some­thing that makes you feel adored.

While you’re at it, tell your hus­band to cut out the name-call­ing. It’s ap­pallingly rude he said you’re old and fat.

Take steps to em­power your­self and raise your self-es­teem. Try en­rolling in a fun fit­ness class or go­ing for morn­ing jogs — not to earn your hus­band’s ap­pre­ci­a­tion but to feel stronger and less stressed out. I hope he starts treat­ing you with more re­spect. But in the mean­time, treat your­self well enough for the both of you.

How should one re­act when he dis­cov­ers that his mar­ried part­ner of many years is talk­ing to some­one else on the in­ter­net about en­gag­ing in var­i­ous sex­ual ac­tiv­i­ties (not with me) in a very vul­gar man­ner? I have never done such a thing and never thought this could ever hap­pen to me. I am so hurt, shocked and dev­as­tated. I’m los­ing sleep. I just can’t get it off my mind day and night. Should I walk, or should I stay? Oh, the hurt I carry in my heart. Now I won­der what all has taken place in the past.

— Bro­ken Heart

There’s no cer­tain way one “should” re­act to such news, as it’s news no one should have to get in the first place. What­ever you’re feel­ing is war­ranted and jus­ti­fied. Let your­self feel it so you can be­gin to heal.

Have you con­fronted your part­ner with what you know? If not, start there. If your spouse is re­morse­ful and com­mit­ted to chang­ing, then there is hope, and I think you owe it to the mar­riage to try sav­ing it. But to build a healthy fu­ture to­gether, you’ll need to let go of the past. A good mar­riage coun­selor can help both of you work through and be­yond this.

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