The Trump tran­si­tion tizzy

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The lib­eral me­dia has been in a frenzy all week. It thinks Don­ald Trump and his tran­si­tion team are tak­ing too long to an­nounce his cabi­net picks and other ap­pointees.

Let me check my cal­en­dar.

Yep. It’s been less than ten days since Trump shocked the world — and sick­ened the lib­eral me­dia — by hu­mil­i­at­ing Hil­lary Clin­ton.

And al­ready the me­dia are work­ing as hard as they can to make Trump look like he doesn’t know what he’s do­ing — be­fore he doesn’t even do any­thing.

I un­der­stand the lib­eral me­dia’s pain. I un­der­stand they feel like their lives have been ru­ined for at least the next four years.

I re­mem­ber hav­ing sim­i­lar thoughts in 2012, 2008, 1996, 1992 and 1976.

But come on, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc., etc. Bill Clin­ton took his time pick­ing his peo­ple. So did Bush II. So did my fa­ther. It’s part of the process.

So let’s back off a lit­tle and give Trump a lit­tle slack. He’s got to drain a pretty big cesspool in Wash­ing­ton. He has 4,000 po­si­tions to fill.

It’s been ob­vi­ous for a long time he was not just go­ing to make some phone calls and hire 3,993 Bush II ad­min­is­tra­tion alumni who’ve been mak­ing their liv­ings as lob­by­ists for the last eight years.

The tizzy over Trump’s sup­pos­edly slow tran­si­tion process is just another step in the lib­eral me­dia’s agenda — which is “Dump on Trump.”

First they were cut­ting their wrists over his elec­tion win. Now it’s his ap­point­ments. Wait till they see his Supreme Court picks.

For the next four years, when it comes to Pres­i­dent Trump, the lib­eral me­dia are go­ing to ac­cen­tu­ate the neg­a­tive, not the pos­i­tive.

As much as I wasn’t a sup­porter of Don­ald Trump in the pri­maries, I said af­ter the con­ven­tion that I wasn’t go­ing to al­low him to lose be­cause I didn’t show up to vote for him.

The fact is, I showed up and so did al­most 70 mil­lion Amer­i­cans. My hat’s off to Trump. He’s the pres­i­dent-elect. We Rea­gans sup­port him. We had our time in the sun and now it’s time for Trump sup­port­ers to have theirs.

God­speed, Pres­i­dent Don­ald. What­ever I can do to help, I’m there. No cabi­net post would dis­ap­point me.

I hope he puts the right peo­ple around him. He’s done pretty well choos­ing peo­ple in the busi­ness world.

And let’s face it. We con­ser­va­tives and oth­ers have been say­ing for a long time we needed a busi­ness­man in White House.

Last I looked, we were still $20 tril­lion in debt. Maybe Pres­i­dent Trump can do some­thing about that.

I’ll bet he’ll sur­prise us. Ev­ery­day I get more and more re­spect for him. He stands his ground.

Whether you agree with his po­si­tions or not, he stands his ground.

The great thing about my dad was that he knew what he be­lieved and knew why he be­lieved it.

I’m start­ing to feel that Trump knows what he be­lieves, too, and he knows why he be­lieves it, come hell or high wa­ter.

Mean­while, I have a tip for our im­pa­tient me­dia.

I’m not a jour­nal­ist. But if I were, in­stead of do­ing dumb sto­ries about why Pres­i­dent-elect Trump is tak­ing so long to make his picks, I’d start check­ing out the list of po­ten­tial Supreme Court nom­i­nees he gave us.

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