Pray for those in need of spir­i­tual re­newal

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Can God re­ally change peo­ple? The thieves I know keep on steal­ing, the liars I know keep on ly­ing, and the drunks I know keep on drink­ing, even the ones that go to church. What is up with that? process. I don’t be­lieve this was the first miracle by chance. In fact, it should be very sig­nif­i­cant to be­liev­ers and a con­stant re­minder that if Je­sus had the power to turn the wa­ter into wine in those ves­sels, he can change us as well on the in­side, be­cause we too are ves­sels who can go from be­ing filled with sin and cor­rup­tion to an agent of the Holy Spirit who stops sin and cor­rup­tion through faith, obe­di­ence and prayer. Paul in the Bi­ble is an ex­am­ple. He hated Chris­tians. He hunted them down like sport to per­se­cute and kill them. Yet when he had an en­counter with the Lord he was com­pletely changed on the in­side, and lit­er­ally be­came the great­est evan­ge­list of all time. God is more than ca­pa­ble of chang­ing peo­ple, we have count­less bi­b­li­cal ref­er­ences to sup­port that be­lief. How­ever, what’s up with peo­ple not chang­ing is this, they must be will­ing ves­sels of that change Our job is to keep pray­ing for those in need of a spir­i­tual re­newal, both in­side and out­side of the church.

Dear Chap­lain >> What are gifts and tal­ents from God? Does ev­ery­one get gifts and tal­ents and how do I know what mine are? God gives us gifts and tal­ents to bless oth­ers and for the up­build­ing of his king­dom. Spir­i­tual gifts in the Bi­ble are: proph­esy­ing, serv­ing, teach­ing, en­cour­ag­ing, giv­ing, lead­ing, mercy, wis­dom, knowl­edge, faith, heal­ing, mir­a­cles, distin­guish­ing be­tween spir­its, speak­ing in tongues, in­ter­pre­ta­tion of tongues, help­ing, and gov­ern­ing. Each of us has a spir­i­tual gift, and ac­cord­ing to 1 Pet. 4:10, “Each one should use what­ever gift he has re­ceived to serve oth­ers, faith­fully ad­min­is­ter­ing God’s grace in its var­i­ous forms.” Fur­ther, Christ him­self calls some Chris­tians to min­is­te­rial of­fices. “He calls some to be apos­tles, prophets, evan­ge­lists, pas­tors and teach­ers, for the equip­ping of the saints for the work of min­istry, for the ed­i­fy­ing of the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4:7-16) There are many sur­veys and tests avail­able for you to take to find out what your spir­i­tual gifts are, how­ever, I would be cau­tious about their ac­cu­racy and re­li­a­bil­ity. I sug­gest you ask your­self, what would you do as an oc­cu­pa­tion if money wasn’t a fac­tor? I be­lieve your spir­i­tual gifts and tal­ents lie in things you do well nat­u­rally, and en­joy do­ing. Fi­nally pray and ask God to re­veal the light he’s al­ready placed in­side of you. It’s the gifts and tal­ents that will make you shine for Him.

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