Ch­esco GOP chair­man dis­putes Din­ni­man’s claims

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To the Ed­i­tor:

State Se­na­tor An­drew Din­ni­man has spent the last 25 years on the Ch­ester County po­lit­i­cal scene por­tray­ing him­self as an in­de­pen­dent thinker, as some­one who is above party la­bels. The most re­cent ex­am­ple of this self-char­ac­ter­i­za­tion by Din­ni­man ap­peared in the Septem­ber 30, 2016 edi­tion of the Daily Local News.

Per the Daily Local News, “Din­ni­man said that based on his vot­ing record, he’s the most in­de­pen­dent se­na­tor in Har­ris­burg in terms of vot­ing for the in­ter­ests of his con­stituents.” Din­ni­man is quoted as say­ing, “I am, and have been since my days as a county com­mis­sioner, an in­de­pen­dent voice. Some­times I vote with my party; of­ten I vote against it.”

The prob­lem with Din­ni­man’s at­tempt to de­pict him­self as an in­de­pen­dent law­maker who of­ten votes against his party? It is sim­ply not true.

Penn­syl­va­nia Se­nate records show that of the 1,597 roll call votes cast since Jan­uary of 2009, Din­ni­man only dif­fered with his Demo­crat lead­er­ship a pal­try 35 times. De­spite claims of po­lit­i­cal in­de­pen­dence, Din­ni­man voted with his own party 97.8 per­cent of the time.

What hon­est, ra­tio­nal per­son thinks that vot­ing with your own party 97.8 per­cent of the time is some­how “in­de­pen­dent?”

Din­ni­man char­ac­ter­iz­ing him­self as an in­de­pen­dent leg­is­la­tor would be laugh­able if it wasn’t so pa­thetic. Only a 25-year ca­reer politi­cian like Din­ni­man would be brazen enough to mis­lead vot­ers this way. He will clearly say any­thing re­gard­less of the truth.

It is im­por­tant for vot­ers to fi­nally know the truth about Se­na­tor Din­ni­man be­fore they vote in Novem­ber. He is ex­ceed­ingly par­ti­san in Har­ris­burg and shock­ingly dis­hon­est with his con­stituents back home. Val DiGior­gio Chair­man, Ch­ester County Repub­li­can Com­mit­tee

Trump not the an­swer

To the Ed­i­tor:

Mr. Trump has had nu­mer­ous bad deals in his pri­vate busi­ness mat­ters. He has short­changed work­ers that com­pleted projects for him that he never paid the con­struc­tion com­pa­nies that did the work for him. Is he really go­ing to look out for the mid­dle class in this coun­try? He has no for­eign diplo­macy skills. And has never had to see how the other side has to make ends meet in day to day liv­ing Donna Pil­son

West Grove

A vote for Rzu­cidlo

To the Ed­i­tor:

As Elec­tion Day comes closer, it’s time for all Penn­syl­va­ni­ans to se­ri­ously de­cide who they are go­ing to vote for. The me­dia would have us think that there are only two peo­ple run­ning for of­fice, but we ac­tu­ally have several im­por­tant down-ticket votes to cast in ad­di­tion to Pres­i­dent. One of those is our Rep­re­sen­ta­tive for State House.

It ap­pears, that de­spite his name not be­ing on the bal­lot for the pri­mary, that the Ch­ester County GOP has fi­nally cho­sen a can­di­date who will still be on the bal­lot at Elec­tion Day. Good luck try­ing to re­search him, though. Many of his po­si­tion pa­pers which were pre­vi­ously made pub­lic are now pass­word pro­tected. He does have a few thoughts on is­sues posted, but they are so thin and with­out sub­stance, it is ob­vi­ous this is not a job he wanted nor a job he in­tended to try to get six months ago. His an­tiu­nion and anti-woman rants have mys­te­ri­ously dis­ap­peared, as has his “all taxes are bad” state­ments. Funny, he does pro­pose some things to help with our opiod ad­dic­tion prob­lem, but has not pre­sented how he will pay for it. And, like many young peo­ple, it’s ‘all about him.’ He wants to fix this prob­lem be­cause it has af­fected his friends.

What about all the is­sues that don’t af­fect him per­son­ally, where does he stand on those? Does he even know enough in his mid-20s to take a stand? His web­site leads me to think not.

He’s too young and in­ex­pe­ri­enced. At best, he’s a kid who de­cided to go for this and move back to the area on a whim. If he truly wanted this, why didn’t he run in the pri­mary? At worst, we will be sub­ject to yet an­other Ch­ester County GOP scan­dal when it is de­ter­mined that he’s not ac­tu­ally a res­i­dent of the district.

No mat­ter where he lives, Eric Roe lacks the ex­pe­ri­ence and the knowl­edge to have even the small­est inkling of what real families are deal­ing with, what our pub­lic schools are strug­gling to do, and what our local farm­ers and busi­nesses need to suc­ceed.

He’s just wrong for us. Vote for Su­san Rzu­cidlo, she’s got our backs and she knows what the 158th, and all of Penn­syl­va­nia needs. Lisa Light­ner


What hap­pen to con­ser­vatism?

To the Ed­i­tor:

Does any­one know what con­ser­vatism is any­more? Con­ser­vatism is this lit­tle idea that’s been grossly and prob­a­bly pur­posely un­der­sold to the Amer­i­can pub­lic since the days of Rea­gan.

Con­ser­vatism is the idea that given a strong coun­try, strong econ­omy and free­dom, that peo­ple can fend for them­selves. This gets coun­tered as Con­ser­va­tives want­ing for peo­ple to be poor and starve to death. Thank good­ness that we have all of these govern­ment pro­grams to keep these peo­ple barely alive, barely eat­ing and barely hav­ing shel­ter.

Con­ser­vatism is the idea that an in­tact coun­try is a coun­try with a bor­der. It’s a coun­try that has laws al­low­ing peo­ple to im­mi­grate in both di­rec­tions legally through a process. This gets coun­tered as Con­ser­va­tives want­ing for Amer­ica to be closed to the world, a racist and harsh Amer­ica that looks down on peo­ples all over the world.

Con­ser­vatism is the idea that a smaller govern­ment is a bet­ter govern­ment. This goes com­pletely ig­nored, be­cause while we are all hold­ing onto our Con­ser­va­tive prin­ci­ples, the left is sell­ing the idea that jobs, food, hous­ing and hap­pi­ness all come from the govern­ment. They do a darn fine job sell­ing this to the Amer­i­can pub­lic.

The Amer­i­can pub­lic is bought and paid for. And it’s our fault. Here’s why.

For 20 years, we’ve done noth­ing to ex­pand our base. We don’t ed­u­cate blacks and mi­nori­ties about how bet­ter off they’d be liv­ing in a coun­try that em­braces con­ser­va­tive prin­ci­ples. We don’t con­trol the con­ver­sa­tion at all. We’re not do­ing any talk­ing. We’ve al­lowed our­selves to be de­mo­nized to the point where it will take a gen­er­a­tion to undo the dam­age, and even that may not be enough. We may sim­ply be done.

A. Did we feel we had safety in num­bers?

B. Did we feel that we’d win elec­tions on prin­ci­ple, be­cause the good guys al­ways win?

C. Did we think that since our ideas are good that peo­ple would just jump on board?

D. Did we as­sume that blacks and mi­nori­ties are un­reach­able? E. All of the above. An­swer, E. But while we’ve slept, the big govern­ment left has un­done ev­ery­thing that we ac­com­plished un­der Rea­gan. And they’ve done more. They’ve in­fil­trated our party with left lean­ing Repub­li­cans who on some is­sues will side with the big govern­ment lib­er­als ev­ery time. Think of it like a casino. We win some bat­tles, but the game is rigged to­wards the Democrats. This holds true re­gard­less of who con­trols which cham­ber or both cham­bers. In re­al­ity, we have 1 po­lit­i­cal party; The Elite. Our Elite Over­lords. The elite whom de­cide our Free­doms.

The elite whom de­cide our Suc­cess.

The elite whom de­cide our very Sur­vival.

From cra­dle to grave, this Elite Party con­trols ev­ery part of our lives, from birth, ed­u­ca­tion, fam­ily, health and death.

What do we do? As I said, we may sim­ply be done. Wel­come to Rock Bot­tom, na­tion. The na­tional debt is un­think­able. To­tal un­em­ploy­ment is 30 per­cent and prob­a­bly higher. There’s no man­u­fac­tur­ing. No in­no­va­tion. No in­ven­tion and no drive. We’ve run out of time. Rea­gan’s City On A Hill is go­ing dark.

If we have any hope of sav­ing the coun­try, we must be­gin first with hon­estly ad­mit­ting where we cur­rently are as a peo­ple. The pic­ture is not good. The out­look is worse. The kind of ur­gency needed in the right­ing of the ship is not of­ten seen in hu­man his­tory, but we have no choice. This land was cho­sen as the last best hope of mankind, and as Ron­ald Rea­gan once said, “How can we do any less; we’re Amer­i­cans.”

A young na­tion turned to Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton in their dark­est hour. Who will step up this time? Who will be the voice to mend a torn na­tion?

John Haenn Delaware County Pa­tri­ots

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