Why pride is a sin

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I un­der­stand the Bi­ble says pride is a sin, but what I don’t un­der­stand is why. If you don’t have pride in your­self you will de­velop low self-es­teem and other is­sues. So why is hav­ing pride in your­self con­sid­ered a sin? Signed, Proud of Pride


Yes, brag­ging, boast­ing, or hav­ing a good feel­ing about who you are, what you’ve ob­tained, and how much you’ve ac­com­plished ... in your own strength, by your own wis­dom, and with your own wealth ... with­out ac­knowl­edg­ing God, the giver of all these things, is sin. It is sin be­cause it’s wrong to praise, up­lift, glo­rify, or shine light on one’s self, the cre­ated, in­stead of prais­ing, up­lift­ing and glo­ri­fy­ing God, the cre­ator, who makes all good things pos­si­ble. (“Ev­ery good and per­fect gift comes from God.” James 1:17) As Chris­tians, our self-es­teem, doesn’t come from what we think about our­selves or how valu­able we be­lieve we are in our own eyes, but rather our self­es­teem, self-worth and self-con­fi­dence comes from know­ing how spe­cial we are in God’s eyes. And the more we hum­ble our­selves and praise the Lord for all he’s done, the more our self-es­teem grows, as does our faith, it doesn’t di­min­ish. Just look at Je­sus, who led by ex­am­ple, he was the com­plete op­po­site of pride­ful. He lived a life of hu­mil­ity. In fact, he was the lowli­est, most hum­ble man who ever lived. Je­sus, the Word made flesh, who was with God in the be­gin­ning, who had ev­ery rea­son to brag and boast be­cause ev­ery­thing be­longed to him, yet he never, ever did. In­stead, he gave all praises and glory to his Fa­ther in Heaven, liv­ing out Proverbs 27:2, which says, “let some­one else praise you and not your own mouth”, a prin­ci­pal we should all strive to live by. In this world, none of us are ex­empt from the temp­ta­tion of pride be­cause we de­sire to feel good about our­selves and to share our bless­ings with oth­ers, and we can do so as long as we give all the praise, honor, glory, and shine due the Lord, to the Lord, and not take his credit for our­selves in the process. Thank you for your ques­tion and I en­cour­age you to search the scrip­tures, God has lots more to say about the sub­ject of pride. Ask the Chap­lain is writ­ten by Rev. Dayna Spence, an or­dained min­is­ter, li­censed evan­ge­list, and chap­lain who’s served as a hospi­tal chap­lain and is cur­rently serv­ing as a hos­pice chap­lain Ch­ester County area. Please email “Ask the Chap­lain” at 4thechap­lain@gmail.com or write to, PO Box 1284, West Ch­ester, PA 19380.

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