Prop­erty Trans­fers

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The fol­low­ing are Ch­ester County prop­erty trans­fers for Au­gust 2016. This list is con­tin­ued from the Oc­to­ber 23 Sun­day real es­tate sec­tion. UP­PER UWCH­LAN

243 Styer Road, Wayne M. Dav­i­son and Gay Lynn Dav­i­son to Christo­pher Sei­dell and Jeanne Sei­dell, $475,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 250 Gi­bral­tar Rd, Denise Frame and Glenn Frame to Toll Pa Iv Lp, $3,731,134 (Hor­sham 19044) 251 By­ers Rd, Deutsche Bank Na­tional Trust Co and Ocwen Loan Ser­vic­ing Llc to John J. Mclu­cas and Ruth M. Mclu­cas, $368,299 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 2541 Rainer Road, Dar­rell L. Jr Wil­liams and Carla J. Wil­liams to Venkatesh So­la­iap­pan and Sripriya Su­guneswaran, $475,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 269 Flag­stone Rd Unit 7., Emily Rey­b­itz and Clif­ford B. Jr An­gry to Emily Rey­b­itz, $1 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 2836 Tansey Ln, Ann E. Up­house to Swapna Yen­nisetty and Nagesh K. Ka­palavayi, $467,500 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 2849 Tansey Ln, Charles Agius and Pa­tri­cia S. Agius to Parthasarathi Kitchap­pan and Karthika Du­rairaj, $465,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 290 Green­ridge Rd, Phil J. Leisey-bartsch and Bon­nie B. Leisey-bartsch to Jor­dan Ra­jan and Ja­clyn Ra­jan, $412,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 308 Prescott Dr, Bal­jeet Singh Kand­hari and Swaran Kaur to Bal­jeet Singh Kand­hari and Swaran Kaur, $465,625 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 308 Prescott Dr, Bal­jeet Singh Kand­hari and Swaran Kuar to Bal­jeet Singh Kand­hari and Swaran Kaur, $190,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 321 Wil­low Way, David E. Clark and Jen­nifer Clark to Srini­vas Ya­davilli and Sapna Ya­davilli, $623,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 324 Elmhurst Drive, Satish Kandi and Vin­oda Kandi to Si­varam Chan­drasekaran and Saranya Ra­masamykr­ish­nan­mo­han, $482,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 353 Elmhurst Dr, Pulte Homes Of Pa and Ph 50 Llc to Wind­sor Ridge Com­mu­nity As­so­ci­a­tion Inc, $150,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 365 By­ers Rd, James C. De­wees and Rebecca Jane De­wees to James C. De­wees and Rebecca Jane De­wees, $1 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 40 Ap­ple Ridge Rd, David P. Kou­choukos and Julie G. Kou­choukos to Car­tus Fi­nan­cial Corp, $480,000 (Danbury 6810) 423 Wayne­brook Drive, Robert Mccarty and Ber­dina Mccarty to Sathya Srini­vasa De­sikan and Charu­latha Kasthuri­ran­gan, $485,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 44 Rab­bit Run Lane, Jerry I. Stein­berg and De­bra B. Stein­berg to Alex N. Stein­berg and Sab­rina A. Stein­berg, $362,500 (Glen­moore 19343) 450 Sum­mit House, Fed­eral Home Loan Mort­gage Corp and Pow­ers Kirn &. As­so­ciates Llc to Sleiman Group Llc, $265,100 (West Ch­ester 19382) 5. Yar­mouth Ln, Ni­cholas Rozdil­sky and Chris­tine M. Rozdil­sky to Ryan M. Keller and Bil­lie Jo Keller, $590,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 502 Emerson Cir­cle, John B. Long and Su­san J. Long to Vi­nay Vard­haman Hul­batte and Vi­nay Vard­haman Hul­batte, $531,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 510 Bon­nie Lane, Tushar A. Vedanti and Shubhra Vedanti to Je­yaram Raveen­dran and An­jali Kan­thal­loor Mu­raleed­ha­ran, $449,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 511 Har­bour Ridge Ln, Jef­frey F. Bar­to­letti to Christo­pher Schwartz and Carolyn Schwartz, $310,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 512 Larkins Bridge Dr, Robert J. Sylvester and Rose Marie T. Sylvester to Kevin M. Guilti­nan and Maryjo A. Guilti­nan, $359,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 54 Founders Way, Eric M. Thor­son and Rachel A. Thor­son to Joseph Mor­ris, $630,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 541 Mil­ford Rd, Robert W. Iii Manch­ester and Pamela K. Manch­ester to Jared C. My­ers and Me­gan W. My­ers, $391,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 701 Churchill Road, Noam Oz and Jes­sica L. Oz to Ri­to­brato Datta and Ta­nia Bak­shi, $402,500 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 805 Mel­rose Court, Gre­gory J. Wake­field and Su­san R. Wake­field to K. S. Raju Ni­da­davolu Bhanu and Aparna Golla, $535,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425)


100 Linda Ci, Mary M. Plank to Regina C. Speaker Palu­bin­sky, $482,500 (Down­ing­town 19335) 102 Cabot Ct, Linda Red­don and Sarah R. Mcnabb to Span­dan Das and Sudeshna Das, $421,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 103 Greene Meadow Ln, Rus­sell Lund Schuetz and Tina Marie Schuetz to David B. Wolfe and Amy E. Wolfe, $411,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 104 Pem­broke Ct, David B. Wolfe and Amy E. Wolfe to Mary Kate C. Dunn, $234,500 (Ex­ton 19341) 108 Long­fields Way, Philip D. Shoe­maker and Tif­fany L. Shoe­maker to Tif­fany L. Shoe­maker, $1 (Down­ing­town 19335) 111 Allen Dr, June A. Rad­cliffe and Scott W. Rad­cliffe to June A. Rad­cliffe, $1 (Ex­ton 19341) 11221 Nickel Way, Justin Krick and Tammy Krick to Atieh Madani and Ab­bas Madani, $252,500 (Amherst 14228) 117 Con­reys Way , Christo­pher T. Sei­dell and Jeanne M. Sei­dell to Damian J. Gabrysiak and Emily J. Gabrysiak, $435,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1202 St An­drews Ct, Robert P. Jr Dal­vano to An­thony Nocket and Bri­anna Eroh, $215,000 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 121 Tal­grath Court, Alexan­dre Viana Debritto and Daniela Bit­ten­court Debritto to Charles Kre­jci and Sa­man­tha Kre­jci, $240,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 16260 North 71st St 2nd Floor Re­cep­tion, Awa­nen­dra Singh and Anu­pama Singh to Brook­field Re­lo­ca­tion Inc, $368,000 (Scotts­dale 85254) 203 Glen­dale Road, Roy J. Swine­hart and Jac­que­line M. Swine­hart to James O. Don­nell and Na­talie O. Don­nell, $390,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 203 Saint Al­bans Court, Cre­ative In­vest­ment Hold­ings Llc to Naveen Ku­mar and Su­man Rani, $226,500 (Ch­ester Springs 19425) 216 Mill Pond Dr, David W. Roth­haar and Colleen E. Roth­haar to Kevin C. Ashe and Laura A. Ashe, $443,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 218 Mill Pond Dr, Kath­leen Erin Boyle to Kath­leen Erin Boyle and Don­ald Rob­bins, $1 (Ex­ton 19341) 223 Horne Pl, Ch­ester W. Bricker and Donna A. Bricker to Justin T. Krick and Tammy R. Krick, $570,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 228 Au­tumn Dr, Thomas D. Mac Don­ald and Mary K. Mac Don­ald to Thomas D. Mac Don­ald and Mary K. Mac Don­ald, $1 (Ex­ton 19341) 304 Kid­welly Court , Nhauyen Dinh to Lawrence Smith and Mariam Madanat, $220,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 307 Fair­weather Dr, Christo­pher B. Philips and Claire B. Philips to Ja­son An­drew Wil­liams and Camille Wil­liams, $395,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 326 Colo­nial Dr, Matthew Par­ris and Jac­que­line O. Con­nor to Alexan­der L. Kon­dracki and Kath­leen M. Czap, $335,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 329 Pen­wyllt Court, John E. Jr Leonard and Ti­mothy T. Kun­kle to Ni­cholas Cam­pagna and Jen­nifer Fedin, $226,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 404 Vine­yard Ln, Joseph T. Mc­cul­lion and Dar­lene Mc­cul­lion to Deanna C. Kop­pen­hofer, $425,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 406 First Mont­gomery Blvd, Fan­nie Mae and Fed­eral Na­tional Mort­gage As­so­ci­a­tion to Mi­lan Mukher­jee and Supriya Mukher­jee, $465,000 (Thorn­dale 19372) 428 Deep Wil­low Dr, Anil Roy to Ankur Bha­tia and Saloni Bha­tia, $373,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 455 Deep Wil­low Dr, John C. Stacey and Meghan B. Stacey to Roy Swine­hart and Jac­que­line M. Swine­hart, $500,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 491 Or­chard Road , Shelly Brow­ell and Shelly Kurtz to Jef­frey Seroskie, $175,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 500 Wood­view Drive, Wade Strat­ton and Britt Strat­ton to Jef­frey C. Roberts and Jes­sica Lee Roberts, $430,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 510 Welling­ton Sq Unit 302, Welling­ton Con­do­minium As­so­ciates Lp and Welling­ton Con­do­minium As­so­ciates Gp Inc to James J. Fried­man and James J. Fried­man Re­vo­ca­ble Deed Of Trust, $522,500 (Ex­ton 19341) 511 William Sales­bury Dr, Brook­field Re­lo­ca­tion Inc to Sub­hashis Das and Mithu Das, $368,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 594 Gramercy Ln, Rick J. Mu­santry and Julie C. Mu­santry to Jorge Ro­drigo Moreno Teno­rio and Laura Arce Vic­to­ria, $405,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 605 Fox Clove Cir­cle, Michael Levine and Chris Levine to Scott Con­aghan and El­iz­a­beth Con­aghan, $446,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 609 James Ross Dr, Joseph L. Masci and Nancy K. Masci to Gale Lynch, $615,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 69 De­laney Dr, Rose­mary C. Meyer to Stephen Con­klin and Kelly Con­klin, $205,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 714 Tay­lor Road, Wal­ter Fe­movich and Mon­ica Fe­movich to Denise Mau­reen Rohrbach and Michael J. Pleasan­ton, $379,500 (Down­ing­town 19335) 719 N. Whit­ford Rd, Eric J. My­ers and Les­lie E. My­ers to Matthew C. Ci­belli and An­gela M. Ci­belli, $335,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 735 Su­san Dr, Anita M. Mccoy and Todd A. Mccoy to Su­san Lu­minella and Zachariah Lu­minella, $287,000 (Ex­ton 19341) 819 Tre­mont Drive, Ken­neth L. Mans­field and Denise B. Mans­field to Robert L. Levin and Laura A. Levin, $505,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 826 Robert Dean Dr, Vin­cent A. Ranalli and Jen­nifer S. Ranalli to Marc S. John­son and Rachel Y. John­son, $510,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 922 Cov­ing­ton Dr, Gre­gory Fak­tor to Fo­luso Afelumo and Janette N. Afelumo, $419,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 924 Noble Dr, Ros­alia A. Ram­sey and Scott C. Ram­sey to Jonathan Veser and Vic­to­ria Veser, $435,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) Po Box 137, Matthew Ci­belli and An­gela Ci­belli to Thomas J. Cooke and Mary T. Cooke, $214,000 (Glen­moore 19343)


100 Danielle Lane, Ali­cia Bausinger and Erin Bausinger to Ali­cia Bausinger, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 108 Pinker­ton Rd, Fran­cis J. Ca­paldo to Gary R. Siter and Su­san K. Siter, $265,000 (Coatesville 19320) 110 N. Mount Airy Rd, Thomas N. Jr Ed­wards and Bar­bara J. Ed­wards to Richard C. Kitchens and An­drea L. Kitchens, $250,000 (Coatesville 19320) 111 West­wood Pl Ste 200, Dou­glas W. Schoeninger and Frances E. Schoeninger to Ccrc Opco Ven­tures Llc, $223,000 (Brent­wood 37027) 138 Pinker­ton Rd, Or­leans Rh Pa-il Lp and Rhgp Llc to John D. O. Dell and Mary C. O. Dell, $240,600 (Coatesville 19320) 15 Danielle Ln, Joleen Ernest to Shawn A. Hop­kins and Al­li­son W. Hop­kins, $170,000 (Coatesville 19320) 172 Maple Ave, Daniel R. Stan­ford to An­gela M. Mit­tel­man and Ed­ward Mit­tel­man, $158,000 (Coatesville 19320) 176 Dague Farm Drive, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Ti­mothy Dise and Clau­dia Dise, $332,040 (Coatesville 19320) 204 Thia Ct, Daniel Dipi­etro and Jen­nifer Dipi­etro to Daniel Dipi­etro, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 21 Pinck­ney Dr, An­drew De­sanc­tis to Ky­hil G. Rai­son, $180,000 (Coatesville 19320) 26 New­port Ave, Red Well Con­struc­tion Llc to Cole­man Till, $174,900 (Coatesville 19320) 3. Put­ter Ln, Su­san Dehart and Richard L. Dehart to Lau­ren M. Wag­ner, $169,900 (Coatesville 19320) 304 Ran­dall Lane, John M. Clark and Carolyn J. Clark to Ros­alie L. Milone, $290,000 (Coatesville 19320) 4. Danielle Lane, Kelly A. Lesch and Kelly A. Smith to Danielle M. Rose and William Rose, $175,000 (Coatesville 19320) 40 Grieson Rd, Fan­nie Mae and Fed­eral Na­tional Mort­gage As­so­ci­a­tion to Grant H. Clark and Jaf­frey S. Clark, $135,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 409 Brickus Cir, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Karelis Lopezdel­valle and Juan O. Lopezroldan, $281,165 (Coatesville 19320) 429 Brickus Cir­cle, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Regina M. Uz­zardi and Scott M. Uz­zardi, $271,815 (Coatesville 19320) 433 Brickus Ci, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Ron­ald Cerini, $293,935 (Coatesville 19320) 49 Pinck­ney Dr, Yolanda T. Stan­ton to Michelle Tom­lin­son, $180,000 (Coatesville 19320) 604 Lee­ward St, Michael Smith to Drew A. Sny­der and Mayra Martinez, $295,000 (Coatesville 19320) 715 Franklin St, Jon Craven to Jon Michael Craven and Rhonda Michelle Craven, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 718 Franklin St, James E. Jr Puck­ett and Pa­tri­cia F. Puck­ett to Leroy Gold­smith and Camilla Gold­smith, $262,000 (Coatesville 19320) 817 Edna Jane Lane, Robert E. Martin and Ar­lene B. Martin to William B. Iii Di­bonaven­tura and Lynn B. Di­bonaven­tura, $1 (West Grove 19390) 88 Min­eral Springs Rd, Justin Rodgers to Sa­muel O. Jr Scott, $215,000 (Coatesville 19320) 890 W. Lin­coln Hwy P. O. Box 467, Val­ley Farm As­so­ciates L. P. and Wagontown Corp to Val­ley Town­ship, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 893 S. Mat­lack St, Lib­erty Com­mer­cial De­vel­op­ment Corp Ltd to Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes, $68,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 893 South Mat­lack Street , Lib­erty Com­mer­cial De­vel­op­ment Corp Ltd to Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes, $68,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) P.o. Box 72843, Charles S. Milewski and H. Kath­leen Milewski to Charles S. Milewski and H. Kath­leen Milewski, $30,000 (Thorn­dale 19372)


, Brook­field Re­lo­ca­tion Inc to Paul W. Scott and Erin L. Scott, $610,000 ( ) 104 Brittany Lane, Diana But­ler to Gre­gory M. Dunn and Lau­ren M. Dunn, $525,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 1264 N. Manor Rd, Michael Bowe and Va­lerie Bowe to Mathew Munoz and Amy Leigh Munoz, $333,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 16260 North 71st Street 2nd Floor Re­cep­tion, James Butcher and Benita E. Butcher to Brook­field Re­lo­ca­tion Inc, $610,000 (Scotts­dale 85254) 16346 East Air­port Cir­cle, Thomas J. Kear­ney and Robin N. Kear­ney to Melissa Man­nar­ino and Grsw Ste­wart Real Es­tate Trust, $658,750 (Aurora 80011) 20 Kelden Ct, John A. Wal­lace to Jonathan D. Thir and Mau­reen Thir, $112,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 280 In­dian Run Rd, Kevin F. Robin­son and Jen­nifer E. Robin­son to Peter Draper and Dyan Draper, $225,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 81 How­son Ln, Melissa Man­nar­ino and Grsw Ste­wart Real Es­tate Trust to Stephen M. Richard­son and Vic­to­ria A. Richard­son, $658,750 (Glen­moore 19343)


12 Mill­stone Ln, Ti­mothy J. Brown and Paula Brown to Robert Lu­cas We­ber and Su­san Maria We­ber, $540,000 (Pottstown 19465) 2004 Car­rhill Rd, Ann Helf­ferich Macken­zie and Ann Helf­ferich Macken­zie to Gra­ham C. Macken­zie and Ann H. Macken­zie, $1 (Vi­enna 22181) 2401 Ridge Rd, Don­ald Be­hanna and William C. Silknit­ter to Ran­dall S. Macneill and Vir­ginia E. Macneill, $1 (Elver­son 19520) Po Box 176, Christo­pher J. Knauer and Schuyler Knauer to Michael Siedlecki and Emily Tomer, $215,000 (Here­ford 18056)


, Tammy K. Springer and Joseph P. Springer to John Kevin Mcke­own, $285,000 ( ) 1103 Lone Ea­gle Road, Har­vey N. Wil­liams Jr &. Ruth K. Wil­liams Re­vo­ca­ble Liv­ing Trust and Den­nis H. Sr Wil­liams to Jose Rivera and San­dra Davila, $235,000 (Coatesville 19320) 1203 Rhode Is­land Lane, Justin Moses and Amy Moses to Christo­pher Plakosh and Laura Plakosh, $275,250 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1220 In­dian Trail Drive, Brian Duffy and Tina Duffy to Sean R. Petty and Me­gan P. Petty, $499,900 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1231 Delaware Ln, Ryan Al­geo and Melissa Al­geo to Daniel Sny­der and Sarah Sny­der, $276,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1248 Tele­graph Rd, Deb­o­rah G. Stamm and Gil­bert E. Gray to Thomas I. Per­due, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1331 Tree­line Drive, Amer­i­can In­ter­na­tional Re­lo­ca­tion So­lu­tions Llc to Jodi L. Coello and Joseph C. Coello, $527,500 (Coatesville 19320) 1335 Crest­mont Dr, Gkp Real Es­tate Llc to Craig L. Lesser and Su­san G. Wentz, $365,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1357 Pied­mont Dr, John A. Peters and Karen Peters to Shan­non L. Davis and Isaac P. Swee­ton, $289,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1385 Cam­pus Dr, Hellings Hold­ings Llc to West Brad­ford Town­ship, $1 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1385 Cam­pus Dr, Hellings Hold­ings Llc to West Brad­ford Town­ship, $1 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1395 Saddle Tree Ct, Gian­carlo Can­ta­li­cio to Daniel T. Jr Ol­lice and Krys­ten D. Ol­lice, $450,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1413 Hamp­ton Drive, Eu­gene J. Guay and Julie L. Guay to Jef­frey Alan Spatz and Heather Marie San­telli Spatz, $549,900 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1423 Wither­spoon Dr, Anita H. Spizzirri to Kevin Allen Yar­nall and Lau­ren G. Strouth, $275,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1426 Manor­wood Dr, Gabrielle C. Deane to Joy Fritschle and Caro­line Fritschle, $328,100 (West Ch­ester 19382) 1441 Poor­house Rd, Laplace Trans­forms Llc to Bryan J. Audet and Shan­non Audet, $264,500 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1460 E. Ston­ing­ton Dr, Jef­frey A. Pearson and Kim­berly Stone to Mark A. Co­tugno and Su­san L. Co­tugno, $680,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1472 E. Ston­ing­ton Dr, Cur­tis J. Medeiros and Maria A. Por­ras to Michael R. Rug­giero and Mau­reen J. Rug­giero, $698,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1505 De­long Dr, Robert J. Gizzio and Holly L. Gizzio to Linda D. Or­tone and Ray­mond D. Or­tone, $470,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1507 Fox Run Dr, R. An­drew Grasso to R. An­drew Grasso and Leah Anna Grasso, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 1507 Mont­vale Cir, Robert W. Coyne to Robert W. Coyne, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1507 Vic­to­ria Dr, Pa­trick J. May and Erica C. Welsh­leonard to Eu­gene J. Guay, $305,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1552 Mont­vale Ci, Ja­son Shapot to Michael De­haven and Lau­ren De­haven, $353,500 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1575 Bright Glade Cir­cle , Bright Glade L. P. and Res Gp Inc to Shyam­sun­dar Subra­ma­nian and Vidya Shyam­sun­dar, $650,175 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1580 Sun­dance Drive , Ann Slay­maker and Eu­gene Simms to Rema Llc, $150,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1587 Broad Run Rd, Dan M. Burgess and Elaine J. Burgess to Jes­sica R. Reynolds, $295,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 1913 Berue Dr, Ken­neth D. Kline and Kathy J. Kline to Kathy J. Kline, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 20 Coun­try Club, Ni­cole Courte­manche and Ni­cole Hen­der­son to White Barn As­soc Llc, $178890.34 (Down­ing­town 19335) 2048 Fawn Lane, Gary R. Siter and Su­san K. Siter to Frank W. Iii Hitchens and Ni­cole Christina Boggi, $380,000 (West Brad­ford 19320) 206 Green St #7, Ja­cob W. Iii Bow­man and Lynn M. Bow­man to Cyn­thia D. Macdon­ald and Robert M. Macdon­ald, $260,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 4. Owen­wood Dr, Deb­o­rah G. Stamm and Gil­bert E. Gray to Deb­o­rah G. Stamm, $1 (Lin­coln Univer­sity 19352) 4. Owen­wood Dr, Deb­o­rah G. Stamm and Gil­bert E. Gray to Deb­o­rah G. Stamm, $1 (Lin­coln Univer­sity 19352) 4. Owen­wood Dr, Deb­o­rah G. Stamm and Gil­bert E. Gray to Deb­o­rah G. Stamm, $1 (Lin­coln Univer­sity 19352) 5. Stern Farm Ln, Fan­nie Mae and Fed­eral Na­tional Mort­gage As­so­ci­a­tion to Luke N. Win­dle and Al­li­son M. Win­dle, $137,000 (Coatesville 19320) 6. Penn Cen­ter West, Roseann Lar­son to Amer­i­can In­ter­na­tional Re­lo­ca­tion So­lu­tions Llc, $527,500 (Pitts­burgh 15276) 818 Shade­brush Ridge, Jef­frey A. Almeida and Mary Amy Peter­son to San­dra S. Wen­zel and An­drew D. Leff, $565,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 980 Har­vest Dr Suite 350, Ti Mc­kee Brad­ford Lp and Ti Brad­ford Llc to Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes, $210,000 (Blue Bell 19422) “1361 Crest­mont Drive,”, Robert M. Macdon­ald and Cyn­thia D. Macdon­ald to Ja­cob W. Iii Bow­man and Lynn M. Bow­man, $355,000 (Down­ing­town 19335)


1030 An­drew Dr, Verna S. Harkins to Dale &. Dal­las Krapf Joint Ven­ture Llc, $270,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1052 Park Rd, David S. Stoltz­fus and Priscilla K. Stoltz­fus to David S. Stoltz­fus and Priscilla K. Stoltz­fus, $1 (Honey Brook 19344) 1117 Manor Road, Joseph C. Alferez and Deb­o­rah E. Becker to Frank D. Iii Shimer and Bar­bara J. Shimer, $5,700 (Coatesville 19320) 1117 Manor Road, Vir­ginia B. Hess and Norman F. Hess to Frank D. Iii Shimer and Bar­bara J. Shimer, $68,300 (Coatesville 19320) 112 An­dover Road, Fan­nie Mae and Fed­eral Na­tional Mort­gage to Philip J. Bradon and Cheryl J. Bradon, $125,900 (Glen­moore 19343) 1274 N. Manor Road, Dorothy M. Grif­fin to James Steele, $152,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 14 Water­ford Lane, Robert S. Ger­wig and Nancy L. Shaug­nessy to Robert S. Ger­wig and Nancy L. Ger­wig, $1 (Down­ing­town 19335) 144 Monacy Rd, Michael J. Ed­wards and Kim­berly Cleaver to James Rankin and Kathy Rankin, $197,000 (Coatesville 19320) 147 Lafayette Road, Charles A. Sr Ward and Ann L. Ward to Tina Marie Pow­ell and William Mark Pow­ell, $239,900 (Coatesville 19320) 147 Spring­ton Rd, Kristo­pher R. Steven­son and Alyssa D. Steven­son to Casey Piscitello and Scott Almquist, $170,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 19 Ponds End Drive, David S. Men­gel and Kim I. Men­gel to Thomas R. Bowe and Doreen A. Mor­ris, $300,000 (Down­ing­town 19335) 210 Free­dom Boule­vard , Ccrc-brandy­wine Llc and Free­dom Vil­lage At Brandy­wine to Carol A. Lykens, $179,200 (Coatesville 19320) 215 Creeks Bend Drive, Matthew Carey to Richard G. Anglisano and Michele Grocki Anglisano, $290,000 (Down­ing­town 19335)


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