Man bit­ten by dog finds gen­eros­ity from an­i­mal’s owner

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Lisa Bald­win, owner of Chan­tilly Blue in the bor­ough, has had a tough last cou­ple of weeks. She is be­ing sued by a per­son who slipped near her store, some­one shoplifted from her store, and a cou­ple of her cus­tomers wanted a re­fund for cloth­ing pur­chased back in May.

And just when things ap­peared they could not get worse, her dog, a res­cue Shih Tzu mix, bit a man walk­ing on the side­walk near her store last week.

Joel Fish­man, who works in the lower floor of The Mar­ket at Lib­erty Place, de­cided to leave for a cup of cof­fee at Philter, just a short walk away. Bald­win was walk­ing her dog, Rocco, on the same side­walk and ap­proached Fish­man.

“She was on the op­po­site side of the side­walk,” Fish­man said. “She went to move over and had the dog on a leash. She short­ened the leash, but the leash got tan­gled. The next thing I know, the dog bit me. She yanked the dog back, but it was too late. The dog bit

me, and put a hole in my jeans, my fa­vorite jeans.”

Bald­win was sur­prised her dog at­tacked Fish­man. She had ac­quired the dog only a cou­ple of months ear­lier, but she said the dog had been abused by its pre­vi­ous own­ers. “Some­body was re­ally cold to him, and I am think­ing he had been kicked,” Bald­win said of her dog. “But re­ally, he’s a good boy.”

Bald­win told Fish­man her dog has had all of his

shots. But Fish­man told Bald­win it was no big deal, and con­tin­ued his walk to Philter. But Bald­win fol­lowed, telling him she was sorry. She of­fered to re­place his jeans.

“I told her to for­get about it,” Fish­man said. “I was bummed out about my jeans, and I told her it was OK, but she said it was not OK.”

Fish­man told Bald­win his waist size was a 36, but Bald­win, who is in the business of sell­ing cloth­ing, told him he was a 34.

So Fish­man gave Bald­win his business card, and for­got all about it.

Un­til last weekend, when a pack­age ar­rived at his Ken­nett Town­ship home with a pair of jeans.

“I couldn’t be­lieve she re­ally sent them,” Fish­man said. “These are not in­ex­pen­sive jeans. I thought this was a re­ally sweet ges­ture.”

But be­cause Bald­win did not la­bel the ad­dress prop­erly, she was un­sure if Fish­man re­ceived the jeans. So ear­lier this week, she ar­rived at his of­fice at the Mar­ket at Lib­erty Place, and gave him a box with an­other pair of jeans.

“I told her I was in the process of writ­ing her a

thank you note,” Fish­man said. “She said she wanted to make sure I got the pack­age, and wasn’t sure if UPS had suc­ceeded.”

Fish­man of­fered to give her money for the sec­ond pair of jeans, but Bald­win re­fused.

Bald­win said Fish­man is one of nicest peo­ple she has ever met.

“It was the least I could do,” Bald­win said. “He could have sued the pants off me and had my dog de­stroyed. But he is a nice guy. He was do­ing noth­ing wrong, just walk­ing along. But re­ally, I did is what ev­ery­one should do. That’s

how I raised my kids.”

Bald­win said Rocco had a choker chain on at the time. She said she is sur­prised Rocco bit Fish­man, be­cause she had a rot­tweiler who died ear­lier this year, and that dog never bit any­one.

Bald­win said she is now think­ing of muz­zling Rocco when she takes him for walks on the streets of Ken­nett Square.

Fish­man said there are so many an­gry peo­ple in the world, but peace and com­fort comes when peo­ple are nice. He said re­cently, he was at a four­way stop sign on Hil­len­dale

Road, and it was his turn to pro­ceed through. But a woman fol­lowed the car in front of him, cut­ting him off, and flipped him off.

“We Americans live in a time of di­vi­sive­ness and name-call­ing and self­ish­ness and just plain in­con­sid­er­a­tion for oth­ers,” Fish­man said. “Sadly, as a re­sult, it be­comes news when some­one does the right thing, and goes above and beyond.”

I hope she has the best Christ­mas ever,” Fish­man said of Bald­win. “Here is some­body just be­ing kind and nice, and re­spon­si­ble.”


This dog, Rocco, bit Ken­nett res­i­dent Joel Fish­man, inset, rip­ping his pants, and the dog’s owner bought Fish­man two pairs of jeans.


Chan­tilly Blue in Ken­nett Square is owned and op­er­ated by Lisa Bald­win. Bald­win’s dog bit a man, but Bald­win bought him two pairs of jeans.

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