Amer­ica still needs a bet­ter health care plan

No one should re­ally be sur­prised that there is yet an­other neg­a­tive an­nounce­ment re­gard­ing the trou­bled Oba­macare sys­tem.

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Af­ter all, the ev­i­dence has been mount­ing for some time that the pro­gram sim­ply is not ac­com­plish­ing what it was meant to achieve - to pro­vide rea­son­ably priced health care for peo­ple of all means and to in­crease ac­cess to ba­sic care for those who, up un­til this point, might have been un­able to get it.

No­ble in­tent. Bad ex­e­cu­tion.

Over the last cou­ple of weeks, Oba­macare par­tic­i­pants in states around the coun­try learned that they would be see­ing not only a dou­ble-digit in­crease in the cost of their pre­mi­ums, but even higher de­ductibles as well.

And keep in the mind, the costs were al­ready high, and those de­ductibles even higher.

That is not af­ford­able care.

The Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion is down­play­ing the in­creases as the first day of open en­roll­ment looms - it is Nov. 1. Most of those costs, they say, will be cov­ered with “grants” of sorts to off­set the ex­tra ex­pense that Oba­macare par­tic­i­pants will face.

Pause for a mo­ment to think. Ex­actly who do you think will be pick­ing up that tab? Bot­tom line is, money the gov­ern­ment spends is pro­vided by the tax­pay­ers. So, that’s where the ex­tra funds will come. But we di­gress. Truth is there is a whole lot more to be con­cerned about when you talk about Oba­macare.

Many states are find­ing that they now have only one plan to choose from. The rea­son? Ex­ces­sive claims from re­ally sick peo­ple have caused many of the in­sur­ance com­pa­nies to pull out of Oba­macare.

One com­pany, Blue Cross Blue Shield has re­ported losses in the bil­lions.

So, it is no sur­prise that costs are ris­ing and that choices are dwin­dling.

And there is an­other con­se­quence as well. All you have to do is look at your pay stub. Com­pa­nies are strug­gling to deal with sky­rock­et­ing costs for health cov­er­age for their em­ploy­ees. And they have no choice but to pass along those costs to their work­ers if they want to stay in busi­ness. Some are hav­ing to choose whether they will be able to pro­vide a plan at all.

When in­sur­ance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield face as­tro­nom­i­cal costs for pro­vid­ing Oba­macare plans, what do you think hap­pens to the costs? That’s right; they get passed along. And don’t think that some will not soon be ask­ing for some sup­ple­ment from the gov­ern­ment as well.

There are many peo­ple who are hy­per­sen­si­tive about any talk of end­ing Oba­macare. And they have rea­son to be. Congress passed a bill that many of our lead­ers ad­mit they never read - or un­der­stood.

So while the con­cept might have been a good idea, the re­sult has not lived up to the ex­pec­ta­tion.

And there is some re­spon­si­bil­ity in the Capi­tol for that.

So, it is past time to take an­other look.

You would be hard-pressed to find a per­son who does not want to make sure that those who need health care in this coun­try can get it. No one should strug­gle to find in­sur­ance to cover them­selves or a sick child be­cause of a pre-ex­ist­ing con­di­tion. And no one should have to worry about find­ing a way to pay for ba­sic care.

We are a bet­ter coun­try than that. So while we need to ac­knowl­edge that Oba­macare is not work­ing, we need to do more than sim­ply point fin­gers.

We need a plan that is work­able, af­ford­able and that does not in­ter­fere with the in­sur­ances costs of mil­lions of Amer­i­cans. We need ac­cess and choices and to be there for those in our coun­try who need us the most.

And that won’t come un­til some­one stands up and says, “Let’s get to work.”

Hope­fully that will be sooner rather than later.

— The Sharon Her­ald

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