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Re­fresh your spice sup­ply be­fore fall bak­ing sea­son.

Buy the fresh­est nuts you can find.

A mix of Euro­peanstyle but­ter and cold-ren­dered leaf lard makes an ideal dough.

Don’t over­bake. Re­move pie from the oven when there’s a slight jig­gle, the size of a sil­ver dol­lar, in the cen­ter. — Kate McDer­mott

Food pro­ces­sors are a great tool for mak­ing even, ten­der pie dough.

Re­frig­er­ate dough for at least one hour to make sure it is firm enough to roll.

Roll it out be­tween two sheets of plas­tic wrap or parch­ment pa­per to pre­vent stick­ing and make clean-up a cinch.

Pre­bake crusts. It min­i­mizes shrink­ing, helps pro­duce a nicely shaped crust and avoids sog­gi­ness in pies with moist fill­ings. — Mark Bittman

Bake pie on the bot­tom rack of your oven, the source of your heat, so the pie cooks through and you can avoid a soggy bot­tom.

Use a pre-heated pizza stone in the oven. It helps the pie get an im­me­di­ate burst of heat and cook evenly.

When mak­ing pump­kin pie, cook spices and sweet­en­ers with squash or pump­kin puree to min­gle fla­vors and evap­o­rate ex­cess mois­ture. — Alanna Tay­lor-Tobin

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