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The first space probe was the Soviet-launched Sput­nik 1 in 1957. Sput­nik was the first man-made ob­ject in space. In July 1976, the Vik­ing 1 probe made the first suc­cess­ful soft land­ing on Mars. The Vik­ing 1 probe sent images back to Earth for more than six years. Voy­ager 1 is the farthest man-made ob­ject from Earth at about 11.7 bil­lion miles away. The probe is ex­pected to trans­mit sig­nals un­til 2020.

Es­ti­mated num­ber of probes sent from all nations. One probe might be counted mul­ti­ple times in the so­lar sys­tem. Space probes sent (as flyby, or­biter or lan­der) Lan­der on planet Nep­tune Saturn Uranus Mars Mer­cury Pluto Venus Ti­tan As­ter­oid belt and Kuiper belt Jupiter Comet probes Sun Im­pactor mis­sion

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