High-tech clean in Pottstown

Grand open­ing of Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter in­cludes ‘free wash day’

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POTTSTOWN » Wash day has gone high-tech at a new laun­dro­mat in Pottstown — in a va­ri­ety of ways.

“This laun­dry cen­ter looks com­pletely dif­fer­ent than any other laun­dry cen­ter in the area,” said Charles Pasquale, who along with his wife Kather­ine, owns the Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter, 204 Shoe­maker Road. “We of­fer brand new high ef­fi­ciency ma­chines. Our largest ma­chines are taller than a per­son and can wash 90 pounds of laun­dry.”

Pasquale said the cou­ple chose Pottstown as the lo­ca­tion of their first laun­dry cen­ter be­cause the space had pre­vi­ously been a laun­dro­mat and it had room to ex­pand. Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter opened in Au­gust, and on Satur­day, Oct. 14, it will host a grand open­ing for the com­mu­nity, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cus­tomers walk­ing into the Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter have the op­tion of do­ing their laun­dry the old-fash­ioned way: by putting quar­ters into the ma­chines. Or they can go mo­bile — us­ing the Laun­dry Boss pay­ment app on their smart­phone to pay for and start their wash right at the ma­chine. They can also use the in-store Laun­dry Boss kiosk to pay with cash, a credit card or via the app.

And when it comes to wash­ing their clothes, cus­tomers have the op­tion of clean — or they can use a new tech­nol­ogy that cleans and san­i­tizes their laun­dry in cold water with­out the need for bleach.

By se­lect­ing Su­per Wash on the cen­ter’s ma­chines, cus­tomers have the op­tion of us­ing Ozone to get their laun­dry clean.

Pasquale said each of the laun­dry cen­ter’s wash­ing ma­chines of­fers the op­tion of Ozone tech­nol­ogy, us­ing a sys­tem called “San-O3-tyzer,” man­u­fac­tured by Hamilton En­gi­neer­ing. Ozone (O3) is used as a dis­in­fec­tant for air and water.

“Ozone is an ex­treme bac­te­rial fighter — it kills in­stan­ta­neously,” Pasquale said. “We in­ject it into water and when it ox­i­dizes — it loosens the fab­ric so the stains and dirt come out eas­ier. And — the laun­dry comes out smelling re­ally fresh.”

The “San-O3-tyzer” sys­tem is in­stalled at the back of the laun­dro­mat — be­hind glass doors — so cus­tomers can see the equip­ment.

“First we dry the air, then run the air through a ma­chine that has an arc to cre­ate the Ozone,” Charles Pasquale ex­plained about the process. “The Ozone is then in­jected into the water.”

The sys­tem cy­cles on and off through­out the day, as cus­tomers start the ma­chines and select the Ozone tech­nol­ogy, ac­cord­ing to Kather­ine Pasquale.

In ad­di­tion to san­i­tiz­ing the laun­dry, Charles Pasquale said each time the ma­chine runs with the Ozone op­tion,

the wash­ing ma­chine and plumb­ing is san­i­tized, as well.

Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter is equipped with 85 Gir­bau high-speed com­mer­cial washer and dry­ers. Th­ese state-of-the-art ma­chines pro­vide high ca­pac­ity wash­ing and ex­tract­ing. Pasquale said the ma­chines spin at a higher rate than home or other com­mer­cial wash­ing ma­chines — re­sult­ing in a shorter wash cy­cle.

“Be­cause of the ef­fi­ciency of the wash­ing ma­chine, when the laun­dry has fin­ished it comes out feel­ing damp — not wet,” he said, adding that it then takes less time to dry. “You can fin­ish your laun­dry in about 60 min­utes,”

“We un­der­stand that do­ing laun­dry is a chore and we want our cus­tomers to spend more time with their fam­ily while also pro­tect­ing the ones they love with the most san­i­tary, bac­te­ria-killing laun­dry ser­vices avail­able in the world,” said Kather­ine Pasquale in a press re­lease. “San-O3-tyzer or Ozone su­per wash is known for its bleach­ing ac­tion and abil­ity to kill bac­te­ria, which is even more es­sen­tial as we tran­si­tion from sum­mer to fall and en­ter the flu sea­son.”

Charles Pasquale added that in ad­di­tion to the self­serve busi­ness, he would also like to pur­sue com­mer­cial ac­counts.

“We want to do ho­tels and some small med­i­cal and den­tal of­fices, be­cause we have the ca­pa­bil­ity to get it done eco­nom­i­cally with bet­ter ser­vice,” he said. “We have the equip­ment to do it.”

In ad­di­tion to the Ozone and pay­ment tech­nol­ogy op­tions, Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter also of­fers a wash/dry/fold ser­vice, where cus­tomers can drop their laun­dry off to be done by cen­ter staff. Cus­tomers pay by the pound, and are no­ti­fied when the laun­dry is fin­ished.

In ad­di­tion to own­ers Charles and Kather­ine Pasquale, the cen­ter em­ploys at­ten­dants to help cus­tomers with their needs and to learn the new tech­nol­ogy.

Satur­day’s grand open­ing will in­clude fam­ily ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing bal­loon mak­ing, face paint­ing, mu­sic and con­ces­sion stands, as well as raf­fles.

“But it’s also a ‘free wash day,’ as much as you can carry — we’ll run it through the ma­chines for you,” Charles Pasquale said.

For more in­for­ma­tion about Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter visit www. pottstown laun­dry.com or on Face­book at www.face­book.com/pottstown­laun­dry.


Kather­ine Pasquale, left and Charles Pasquale are own­ers of the new Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter, 204 Shoe­maker Road in Pottstown. The cou­ple is shown here stand­ing by the cen­ter’s largest wash­ing ma­chines, which can han­dle up to 90 pounds of...


The new Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter on Shoe­maker Road in Pottstown fea­tures an ad­vanced wash­ing tech­nol­ogy that in­jects Ozone into the water to clean and san­i­tize laun­dry with­out the need for bleach. Shown here is co-owner Charles Pasquale, with...


A view of the new Pottstown Ex­press Laun­dry Cen­ter, 204 Shoe­maker Road in Pottstown. The new cen­ter of­fers high tech wash­ing and pay­ment op­tions.

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