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Tom McCarthy is say­ing what a great hit­ting coach Stairs is. How about this? Be­fore he ar­rived Her­rera and Her­nan­dez were al­ready .290 hit­ters. Hoskins, Williams and Al­faro came from Le­high and could hit. That leaves Galvez, Joseph, Ruf and Franco. Ex­cept for Galvez, the oth­ers have gone back­wards. Boy, he’s re­ally a great hit­ting coach. WAKE UP


“Ditch It, Tom” should take a more tal­ent view of “Mr. Tom In Lin­wood,” be­cause “Mr. Tom In Lin­wood” gives us a per­fect glimpse into the mind of what right-win­ners are think­ing nowa­days. And it ac­tu­ally is kind of scary, but he does give us some hu­mor at the same time.


Can su­per­mar­ket cashiers not lick their fin­gers when they’re get­ting plas­tic bags off the racks? I know in the grand scheme of things there is more bac­te­ria on doors and cell phones, but it’s just not a good cus­tomer ser­vice prac­tice. CON­CERNED CON­SUMER


I saw in the Times this week about pipe­line protests, and now they’re bring­ing their chil­dren in there, cit­ing the blast zone. Do th­ese peo­ple bring their kids to a gas sta­tion, con­sid­er­ing that there are more gas sta­tion fires and ex­plo­sions than pipe­line ex­plo­sions ev­ery year? Bet­ter yet, are th­ese the same peo­ple who fill their lawn­mower gas tank off the ground, let­ting static elec­tric­ity that causes gas sta­tion fires and ex­plo­sions ev­ery year go un­grounded while their cars are in the car? Then again, that’s what you do if you want some­thing to­day – you bring out a kid or a dog and say “Oh my God, look at the im­pact on them!” Also, in cer­tain ar­eas of this county there are peo­ple with big cylin­ders of propane on their prop­erty which they use for heat, cook­ing, re­frig­er­a­tion and elec­tric­ity. What’s the blast zone on those? “THINK OF THE CHIL­DREN!”


The gov­er­nor has cut down on a lot of things in the lot­tery. Those in­stant games – you don’t win any­thing on them and I don’t know where the win­ning tick­ets are but they’re not in Delaware County where I buy my tick­ets. I think that’s just one thing he’s done to re­ally hurt the poor man who’s try­ing to make a few blocks out of the lot­tery. Maybe you hit on a $100 ticket once in a while and just get your money back. I think that’s one thing the state has to mak­ing a ton of money on that could make up any dif­fer­ence.


So a week-and-a-half and ump-teen weather com­put­ers to fig­ure out where Hur­ri­cane Irma was go­ing to go – I thought they had it fig­ured out. Ob­vi­ously they didn’t have it pegged down like they thought they did. I bet Rus­sian hacked the com­put­ers, made all their pre­dic­tions go wrong. What do you think about that? Or maybe it was the North Kore­ans, what­ever. It’s a whole lot of peo­ple pay­ing a whole lot of money to fig­ure out and they couldn’t get it right. What’s wrong with this pic­ture? Is it over­con­fi­dence or es­pi­onage? TIN FOIL HAT MAN


I would like to thank the peo­ple who called in with in­for­ma­tion on where to get my clock re­paired. That was very nice. Thank you. TICK TOCK


Ama­zon is so­lic­it­ing pro­pos­als to lo­cate a new cam­pus, in­vest­ing $5 bil­lion and cre­at­ing 50,000 high-pay­ing jobs, some of which would be in Penn­syl­va­nia – many in the soft­ware in­dus­try. We do have great uni­ver­si­ties to sup­ply that la­bor. What we don’t have are strate­gic thinkers in Penn­syl­va­nia. What we were do­ing? In Harrisburg, try­ing to ap­prove in­creased taxes on Mar­cel­lus shale drilling – which is about one of the few things left in the state – why would we want those jobs? Mean­while, state reps who in­tend to run for fed­eral of­fice are try­ing to in­crease taxes and put in all kind of en­vi­ron­men­tal re­stric­tions once again. They’ve done noth­ing for us in the last 20 years to lower our real es­tate taxes for our se­niors while more of them are los­ing their homes. You want strate­gic thinkers? Look at Wis­con­sin and the South­ern states, not in Penn­syl­va­nia.

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