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1. The tiger, the whale, and the bull are all mam­mals, but they’re also dif­fer­ent types of this fish. 2. The Tampa Bay Light­ning of the NHL and the Los An­ge­les Chargers of the NFL both go by this nick­name. 3. This rhyming four-let­ter San­skrit term trans­lates to “teacher.” 4. Walt Kelly’s land­mark four-let­ter comic strip bounced around po­lit­i­cal satire, and is fa­mous for an Earth Day edi­tion where the ti­tle char­ac­ter looks around the pol­lu­tion bog­ging down his swamp and says “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” 5. An of­fi­cer at Croy­don Air­port in Eng­land cre­ated this word, which comes from the French term for “help me,” and is ap­pli­ca­ble any month of the year. 6. “Obey Your Thirst” is the slo­gan for this car­bon­ated bev­er­age. 7. “Think Out­side the Bun” is the slo­gan for this fast food fran­chise. 8. Un­til last year, this mas­sive en­ergy com­pany was head­quar­tered in Con­necti­cut and chaired by Jef­frey Im­melt.

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