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On page 4 of the Sun­day Times there’s a pic­ture that says “start the wave against Trump and the Repub­li­cans.” This is dis­grace­ful. If you want to vote for the Democrats that’s fine but start­ing a wave against Trump and Repub­li­cans right now is a wave against our gov­ern­ment in our coun­try. That’s a dis­grace. You Democrats just can’t seem to get any­thing right and you never will.


Chris­tine Flow­ers, you may say this guy Craig Wil­liams has an im­pec­ca­ble back­ground and fan­tas­tic char­ac­ter and can­not be chal­lenged in any way, shape, or form. But you know what? You’re los­ing sight of what’s go­ing on here in the county. It’s not about that any more — to be elected to any po­lit­i­cal po­si­tion in this county has to do with who you know. It’s go­ing to be three more years un­til this elec­tion. The tide has turned in Delaware County it’s no longer Repub­li­can and un­for­tu­nately he pushed a la­bel on him­self — Repub­li­can. Repub­li­can means rich and Repub­li­cans are on the way out in this county, Miss Flow­ers. Sorry to tell you that.


The real story of Tues­day’s elec­tion is the num­ber of Repub­li­cans who voted straight Demo­cratic in the lo­cal elec­tion in a protest vote against Trump. I have been in­volved in our lo­cal elec­tions as both a clerk and mi­nor­ity in­spec­tor for at least 12 years. Our voter Reg­is­tra­tion is 2-1 Repub­li­can to Demo­crat. In na­tional elec­tions we get a 87 per­cent-plus turnout, off sea­son around 27 per­cent-plus or mi­nus. This week we had a 40 per­cent-plus turnout. Yes, the Democrats turned out, but so did the Repub­li­cans. In na­tional elec­tion years Obama and Clin­ton won the three precincts that vote at our lo­ca­tion. Off years the voted is al­ways straight party ticket. This week there were 100 more Repub­li­cans who voted than Democrats, plus 20 or so In­de­pen­dents. The Democrats won ev­ery po­si­tion on the bal­lot at all three ta­bles. This could only hap­pen if most of these Repub­li­cans voted a straight Demo­cratic ticket. Zidek and Mad­den had long coat tails. The real story is the num­ber of Repub­li­cans who reg­is­tered a protest vote against Trump. Other­wise, the Democrats would not have won.


I have a chal­lenge for all Sound Off call­ers: Can you just talk about an is­sue that you dis­agree with with­out call­ing some­one and id­iot or a mo­ron or left wing or right wing? Just say what you agree with and what you don’t agree with. It would re­ally raise the level of con­ver­sa­tion and this coun­try needs that des­per­ately.


To show how mo­rally bank­rupt Repub­li­cans are, in Alabama a 28-year-old woman when asked about the al­le­ga­tions against Roy Moore said she would vote for him even if the al­le­ga­tions of sex­ual mis­con­duct are proven true. An­other man, when asked, said why not vote for some­body that’s got good Chris­tian val­ues. Does good Chris­tian val­ues in­clude mo­lest­ing 14-year-old girls when you’re in your 30s? These peo­ple are dis­gust­ing. ONE WHO KNOWS


“The Trump fac­tor” — there you go, Daily Times, fake news, join the crowd. The Democrats want some­thing — they want Ch­ester, they want Philly. Now you can have Delaware County. I just want to know who wants Utah? I was see­ing Utah is where all the cops go to re­tire. I’d like to live in Utah. They have laws there, they have rules, they had no drugs and no pris­ons be­cause they don’t need them. They don’t have to lock their doors. Good luck to you. You’re go­ing to need it. There goes Delaware County. What you hear is Delaware County go­ing down the drain. Some­body just flushed a big toi­let.


In Brookhaven, It wasn’t anti-Trump when they put the Dems back in charge of the coun­cil. It was the ar­ro­gance dis­played by a few of the Repub­li­cans that made that hap­pen. Democrats, as you pre­pare to take the reins, take note and good luck. FRIEND OF A FRIEND OF A COMMITTEEMAN

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