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Yeah, we’ve got to love these Mil­len­ni­als. The guest col­umn on Mon­day hit nail right on the head – greedy, cheap, en­ti­tled, back-stab­bing, pot-smok­ing, im­moral gen­er­a­tion liv­ing in sin with one an­other and not get­ting mar­ried. And they can’t drive.


I’m a se­nior cit­i­zen and I watch these com­mer­cials for the lottery where the lit­tle ground­hog tells you it ben­e­fits se­nior cit­i­zens. Can some­body tell me where I go to get my money from lit­tle ground­hog guy? Thank you very much. SMARTEST MAN IN COLLINGDALE


To “Go­ing To Pot(holes),” I’ve also joked be­fore that at least you get an amuse­ment park ride in ex­change for the dam­age to your car from pot­holes or un­even paving, but that stretch of Ch­ester Pike through Crum Lynne was the first time I le­git­i­mately felt like I was on one. I couldn’t get a gauge on how un­even it was or when it would stop – thanks for the old-timey wooden roller­coaster ride.


I’ve been read­ing all this ar­gu­ment this week over the Supreme Court sports bet­ting de­ci­sion. We’ve been erod­ing Mafia-con­trolled num­bers games with the state lot­ter­ies over the last 40 years, so does it come as any sur­prise that even­tu­ally sports bet­ting would get its day?


The good old days are the best in this coun­try – we had played Play­town Park, Wil­low Grove, Le­nape Park, Riverview Park, and we also had them great drive-ins with them beau­ti­ful cars with the fins. You can’t beat the old days; I don’t care what they say about this hi-tech junk. BLAST FROM THE PAST


What’s with the all the me­dia cov­er­age of the royal wed­ding? Didn’t we fight a war to not have to put up with this non­sense? The Cana­di­ans still have El­iz­a­beth II on the back of their coins – let them deal with it. SPIRIT OF 1776


I just came up with that slo­gan the Democrats could use this Novem­ber, and think I’m go­ing to make a sign and hang it on my fence: “Be­ing Repub­li­can means you never have to say you’re sorry.”


To “An­other N.Y. Dem,” the sad thing about the com­plete lack of ci­vil­ity in this coun­try is that when you take away the loud­mouth bab­bling and er­ratic be­hav­ior, Trump is eas­ily the most mod­er­ate pres­i­dent we’ve had in decades; cherry-pick­ing pop­ulist is­sues from both sides of the aisle.


I see an­other pie hole Repub­li­can speak­ing out their pie hole again, call the Democrats “the party of hate.” I dis­agree with you. We are the party that helps the mid­dle class and the poor peo­ple the best way we can. It’s the Repub­li­can Party that’s the party of hate. They’re so jeal­ous of the Democrats be­cause the Democrats have given this coun­try every­thing: So­cial Se­cu­rity, wel­fare, Medi­care, every­thing to help out peo­ple who need help. I want to ask, what did the Repub­li­can Party do for the real peo­ple of Amer­ica? All they care about is one thing – big, rich cor­po­rate Amer­ica and the rich in this coun­try.


In light of the Supreme Court rul­ing on bet­ting on sports, I’m sure politi­cians and leg­is­la­tors all over this coun­try will be telling their cit­i­zens “this would be a won­der­ful way for us to gain cap­i­tal, lower taxes and in­crease the qual­ity of life.” Well, that may be so in words, but we all know in ac­tu­al­ity politi­cians and school boards have never made a dime they couldn’t spend as still be five cents in the hole. IT’S A JOKE


To “Back Atcha,” I’m sure Stormy Daniels’ lawyer has been chas­ing his 15 min­utes of fame for his whole career. He’s out to av­er­age two ap­pear­ances on a sin­gle ca­ble news net­work while he can, then at­tack the me­dia back when he gets the chance. Then he when every­thing starts to dry up com­pletely, he can get on a re­al­ity TV show. Don’t you know how this works by now? DELCO CYNIC

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