Veg­e­tar­ian Eats: 5 SUB­STI­TUTES FOR MEAT

Delight Gluten Free - - Healthy Living - BY ALEXIS OL­SZEWSKI,

Tofu is a soy­bean curd and tem­peh is a cake made from fer­mented soy­beans. Both are sta­ple in­gre­di­ents in Asian cui­sine, and are of­ten used in veg­e­tar­ian en­trees like veggie burg­ers and veggie sausages. Tofu and tem­peh are high in fiber, pro­tein, amino acids and other vi­ta­mins and min­er­als like iron, cal­cium, and mag­ne­sium. Tofu and tem­peh are ex­tremely ver­sa­tile and can be cooked in many dif­fer­ent ways. Add tofu to your soup, noo­dle, and stir fry dishes, or mar­i­nate tem­peh and then grill for a de­li­cious tem­peh “steak.” Or, why not sauté th­ese in­gre­di­ents with your fa­vorite veg­eta­bles and sauces, like a se­same soy, chili gar­lic or peanut sauce. DE­LIGHT AS­SO­CIATE ED­I­TOR MUSH­ROOMS Mush­rooms have a rich fla­vor and meaty tex­ture. They are low in calo­ries and are fat-free, choles­terol-free, and very low in sodium. Mush­rooms also pro­vide im­por­tant nu­tri­ents, in­clud­ing se­le­nium, potas­sium, ri­boflavin, niacin, vi­ta­min D and more. Mush­rooms can be used as a meat sub­sti­tute in many dishes. For a hearty Por­to­bello burger, mar­i­nate and grill Por­to­bello mush­rooms, top with pro­volone cheese, let­tuce, and tomato. Just add your fa­vorite gluten-free bun. For a veg­e­tar­ian Bolog­nese tomato sauce, re­place ground beef with chopped porcini and crem­ini mush­rooms, and pour over your fa­vorite gluten-free pasta. You can also use this Bolog­nese to make a de­li­cious veg­e­tar­ian lasagna. Cau­li­flower is a hearty, cru­cif­er­ous veg­etable that is high in vi­ta­min C. It is de­li­cious on its own eaten raw or roasted in the oven, or it can be added to a dish for fla­vor and tex­ture. In­stead of adding ba­con or sausage to your mac­a­roni and cheese, mix in some roasted cau­li­flower for a nice meaty bite. Or, try mak­ing buf­falo cau­li­flower bites—dip cau­li­flower in a bat­ter made with gluten-free flour (like chick­pea flour) and wa­ter; then, bake in the oven un­til golden brown and brush with your fa­vorite buf­falo sauce. Serve with ranch or blue cheese dress­ing. It may never re­place tra­di­tional chicken wings for some peo­ple – but it’s a de­li­cious and fun al­ter­na­tive!

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